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Mix2Max plan

I do it maybe once every few weeks when I don't fancy doing an EE day but want to mix red or green. I like it! YOu just have to remember that anything other than your main meal that you eat must be a superfree food and you also count the higher syns value rather than lower.
I used to do it every day before EE came along!
I am not keen on planning too far ahead with meals, and usually end up thinking "Right, It's dinner time, what do I fancy?" With Mix to max it gave me the choice of Red or green.
It was useful to me because any snacking I do between meals is on superfree foods.
EE has taken over now though, and I find it works for me.
I have always lost on both plans (except when I was knowingly not sticking to them)
I do it on weekends when we have a cooked breakfast then if we are eating out at lunch I will have a jacket potato and beans and then I have the choice for evening meal. Like Cocktailprincess, I tend to snack on fruit or yoghurt or cottage cheese so it fits in well if I decided to do M2M day.
It works fine for me!
How many healthy extras are allowed? And would I be able to snack on muller lights between meals if I followed m2m?

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