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mixing at work


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Really struggling to get back on track.
When i was off for 6 weeks it was fine as could use electric hand blender but now back at work.

I'm finding it very difficult to mix shakes / soup at work, without them being lumpy.

We don't have a kitchen or even a kitchen area just a kettle on a tray. Also i'm trying to be discrete as don't want negative comments about meal replacement diets from skinny colleagues.

Does anyone know if a mini battery coffee frother would be powerful enough to properly blend the powder as lumpy shakes are bad enough but lumpy soup is awful.

Or does anyone else have any suggestions for mixing hot shakes away from home.
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S: 15st10lb C: 15st10lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 38.4 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Just seen another thread along similar lines
Going to get a coffee frother asap.
Started afresh again yesterday. really hoping to stick to it.
Roughly 6 weeks to xmas so want to stick to TS 100%


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or you can take soup in a flask - it works well, tell any nosey parkers its home made. I always do this in work.

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could you not just have the bar at work? we have nothing but a kettle here either so I just have the bar which works great for me as there's no prep and nobody questions what I'm eating.
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Not particularly inconspicuous but I use a protein drink shaker bottle/cup. It's basically a cup with a screw lid that has a mesh insert which sits at the neck of the cup so when you shake the bottle it breaks up the powder and mixes it in. You can get them anywhere - Argos, Boots, sports shops, Amazon etc etc

Not sure if this link will work...

Buy USN Shaker Bottle at Argos.co.uk - Your Online Shop for Accessories.
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I must admit I used to find mixing the shakes at work a bit of a pain but, then I bought a 'Tony Fergusson' meal replacement drinks shaker from Boots for around £3 and it mixes the shakes really well - no lumps at all. I also find that the soups mix better in a really big 'soup mug' think i got mine from Whittards Coffee Shop, and mixing the soup with a splash of cold water before adding the hot & a fork rather than a spoon seems to work better.

Hope this helps.
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For anyone that lives near an Ikea I got a handy coffee frother for 99p and it wipes clean easily and fits in my bag - runs off 2AA batteries and makes no more noise than a vibrating mobile. I also have a sports drink shaker and once I've mixed my shakes and soups they're fine no lumpy bits at all:D
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Mamakash said:
I like the lumps in soup .,,, pretend they are dumplings or croutons lol x
Hahaha! I think the same!!!

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