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Mizkirsty food diary

Hi guys I'm not new to sw but in need of a buddy or support system so I can get better results.
I'm in my third year at uni and just finishing and managed to pile 3stone on through drinking and bad eating then I moved in with the bf and gained more contented pounds.
All in all from the starting weight I have 7st and 9lbs to loose.
So far I've lost 1st 4lbs so a tiny amount in my long term goal.
I tend to do red and green days which is easier for my busy life style as I can't eat enough ss to make ee work!

So today after a hellish week where my wii fit told me I'd gained 4lbs in 24hours I kinda lost the plot a bit.
So today's diary is awful!!! Red

Shreddies heb
Semi milk hea
1/4baguette 5.5syns
2 Yorkshire puds 6syns
Beef and chicken
Cucumber and melon
A slither of cheesecake 5syns -prob being over generous but you know
Homemade beef burgers (mince meat and onion) grilled with cheese!
in total 16.5syns

Anyone else in a similar situation or looking for a buddy?!
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Well I've had a really good week weighed in Monday and lost 3 and got my 1.5st award!!! Which was my mini target to get by valentines!! So yay!!!
But as it was valentines yesterday I did have a bit of a treat night!! So syns are beyond calculable!! So starting a fresh today with low syns to help avoid trouble from yesterday's gorge!!
If I loose 3 again this week I'll be below the next stone!!!

So today is a red day!!
Shreddies heb
Milk ss hea
Ham salad 3syns for dressing
(might have some bread heb)
Fruit fruit fruit
Chilli for dinner mince onions peppers toms and cheese hea 2syns for Swartz mix
Fruit fruit fruit

Does anyone else follow red/green?! Xx


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hiya, i also had an uncountable day yesterday lol not enough fingers to count all the chocolate syns ! lol.. well done on your losses so far xx EE is easy if you incorporate the veg etc into your meals..
I've tried ee and failed I can't get the ss foods in enough so I find red and green sooo much easier also it curbs my snacking not sure why but it does - I seem to loose better under a bit new restriction - strange I know!!

How are you finding the plan?b x
Glad to see you've got back into a routine of things. Quick question, are shreddies countable as HEb? I thought there was only a set list of cereals for HEb.
Yes shreddies are in the book someone told me you could have honey aswell but not too sure on that it's 28g or 1oz as Heb xx
Do having a green day today to spice it all up lol
Shreddies heb
Ss milk hea
Mug shot 2
Toast heb
Butter 2
Satsumas apple banana
Jacket potato beans and cheese

All digested down with the gym and aquafit!!! Xx
So today I'm doing the red plan today's a day where ee would be much easier but still can't get my head round it!
Shreddies heb
Ss milk hea
Toast heb
Butter 2
Salad cheese hea dressing 2
Satsumas banana
Chocolate 1
Baked salmon fillet
Potatoes 8 butter 1
:( Oh no!!!! After a fit ball session at the gym I came home watched a movie and indulged in some ice-cream!! Over my syn count now :( Hagen daiz vanilla and now I feel awfully guilty and sick :( I've been soooo good aswell!!! Xxx
So after being whisked away on a lovely weekend away and having some very lovely food I managed to loose 1lb which I am absolutely chuffed with!!! On my way to 2 stones off and club ten!!
How'd everyone do this week?! Xxx
So today another red day!!
Hifi heb
Toast heb
Bacon grilled fat removed!!
scrambled eggs milk hea
Flora light 2

Activia fat free
Snack a jacks 4.5
Chocolate 2

Chilli (lean mince meat - fat drained. Onions peppers tomatoes chilli mix 2)
doritos (handful) 4.5
Total of 15 syns
Went to body conditioning and sure I sweated this and more out lol.
Aiming for 1lb this week but 2 would be fab!!!
So today I ache so much from body conditioning I've not been able to go zumba!! Which is gutting but I really can't
So had an exercise free day! But back on it tomorrow. So today iv had a red day!

Scrambled eggs ss milk hea
Bacon all fat removed and grilled
Toast heb
Butter 2

Hifi heb
Crackerbread 2
Humous 3

Left over chilli (1/4 portion) - mince neat peppers onions passata.
Snck a jack 2
Chocolate 2

Chicken and vegetable curry!! Passata and Spices. Rf Coconut milk 3.

Total 14syns
I've felt so hungry today. Need to do a shop and get some fruit in for
Snacking!!! Xxxx
Wow haven't been posting here for a small while but on a positive note only had one gain since Xmas! Which came off with more the following week in feb and since then loosing loosing :) reached club 10 now 2lb away from 2st award so guess what this weeks mini target is lol
Really kicked up the exercise which is helping loads!!

Today I went to a 45min spin class followed by 35min cardio in gym!!!

I've ordered a 30day shred DVD too so gonna start that one when it arrives hopefully sometime this week :)

I'll post my food diary later how's everyone been doing?! Xx
So apart from aching already from the workouts today!! I feel I've had a really good foodie day too.

Red day.

Shreddies heb
Semi skimmed milk hea

Lite lucozade 2.5

Lean bacon, scrambled eggs (with semi milk hea2) wholemeal bread heb2
Quavers 4.5syns

Grilled steak
Salad, homemade coleslaw (light mayonnaise 2syns) corn on the cob
Salad dressing 2syns
Couscous 30g 3syns

In total 14syns!!!! Xx
So today I'm having a green day don't do many of these so if anyone has any good ideas for them let me know :)

Scrambles eggs semiskimmed milk hea
Wholemeal nimble heb
Pineapple and a banana

Didn't really have lunch as I had a luscious lie in lol but did have a snack

Hula hoops 6.5 syns - won't be eating these again can't believe how high they are for such a small bag!!

Mixed salad
Homemade coleslaw 2 syns for l Mayo
Homemade vegetable Risotto
2 coley fish fillets 130g for both 5syns

Total 13.5 syns

Yay another good day were having a blond weigh in next week anyone know what that is ?! Xx
Feeling a bit boring with my foodie choices now, breakfast and lunches are okay, but im bored of chilli, curry (still quite enjoying homemade burgers and steaks) just wondering if anyone has any other meal ideas for RED DAYS?

Thinking of trying a meatloaf or something!? Any ideas? Thanks xx
Just got back home from the gym did a step class - aerobics style dance with a step block. Hard work but I'm really enjoying it second week of going and getting my head round some of the moves lol

Today's a red day.

Shreddies heb
Semi milk hea

Nimble x2 heb
Scrambled eggs with rest of milk
Bacon (all visible fat removed)
Fresh mango!'

Homemade beef burgers (x lean mince onion and garlic bind with one egg)
Fresh salad and cheese
Grilled bacon fat removed
2 wholemeal rolls 14syns

Total 14syns
30 day shred DVD came this afternoon.

I can't believe how hard I found it good but hard. Have a feeling I'm gonna ache tomorrow!!! Has anyone done this before/managed 30days?! Xx
Day 4 of the 30 day shred an it is getting easier not easy but easier lol

Today I've had a random food day

Shreddies heb
Semi milk hea

1 med potato - roasted
Lemon cheesecake

I'm kinda writing my syns off today as it's been a hard day at work with not much time to eat well.

Wi tomorrow and not looking forward to it :( been 100% all week and done exercise ++ but have a feeling I'm not gonna get the results I want?! Xxx
So nervous for wi in tomorrow - eak come
On 2lbs x

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