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MLM, LR & JOT - Eternally Slim and now Group-Less

So, following our individual momentous decisions not to go to Group, for a variety of reasons, this is where we'll be supporting each other, and documenting our weekly weigh-ins and Staying-On-Plan-Angsts.

Here goes!

Trying to be on plan until the first new-wave weigh-in on Sunday.
But taking it just one day at a time.

We can do this, girls!
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Now to maintain.....
indeedy doodley we can........and we bloody well will!!
maintainers r us!!

im just finishing up my second day 100% on plan......all be it lazy where 3 of my 4 lunches/teas were pasta and sauce.


Now to maintain.....
well as we know things havent gone according to plan but...weigh in i did and i've lost 0.5lb from when we declared this!
am suprised.....very suprised.....and i dont think next week will be good due to plans until and inc weds!!
but im trying to keep some fundamental important bits in there and do on plan as and when i can.
Yes, well, I weighed in this morning.
It's bad. Very bad.
But it is a stake in the ground.
And I promise, here and now, that next week will be at least 3lb down.
If it's not, you can first hang draw & quarter me, then roast me alive, then feed me to the savages, and then make me sit on the naughty step.

I'm not sure I'm actually prepared to update my stats with this weight.
We'll see.

Anyway, I'm now up for a week of total goodness.
If you see me eating anything I shouldn't - for goodness sake stop me!
Hello. Late to the party, as usual.

Lets just say the week around Mr Minxs birthday was excess to the max. If it didnt have chocolate or cake, I didnt eat it. Except for the chinese food.

It also co-incided with pre-mimsy, so by last weekend when I weighed in it was sparklingly bad :D However, have been good since Monday (with the exception of tea last night, where Minx-in-law did her best to sabotage me!). Scales have dropped substantially over the last few days.

Going to restart shred tonight, I think, if this flipping headache I keep having over and over again goes away. Four weeks to the wedding today.
Nice to see you here Minxster. I know that all that cakeness will be redeemed in no time. You've got that wedding on the horizon, & you're so strong willed.

Well 3.5 off for me this week! Woohoo!
I really think I may have turned the corner.
I just need a couple more weeks like that!

So I'm relaxing the reins a bit today, & then I'll be back on Success Express tomorrow. Wahey!
Hello! Well done on the 3.5!!! That's a splendid turnaround, keep it up!!

I'm back in range, still being good but over t by 1.5 which will hopefully be gone by the weekend for the Sunday weigh in. I haven't actually "been" for a couple of days so theres a fair chance I'm actually at t now but with a bit of extra ballast!!


Now to maintain.....
i am baaaaaaaack.....did you miss me? no thought not - hahaha!!!!!!

well done you two!!!

well.....im now as of the last few days thoroughly,thoroughly back on the wagon but......the scales...they has been hidden until september the 10th!!!
so...im here...im doing it...but.....i cannot update you weight wise because i dont frigging know!!!!!
Who are you again? :8855: Just kidding, nice to see you!

Weighed in officially this morning, 11st 8 1/4 so 3/4 under target. This despite a chicken burger from the chip shop last night.

Still havent managed to find the motivation to start exercising, but at least the gain is gone!!


Now to maintain.....
you is mean!!! sob!!!!!

i has become addicted to chopped up nectarine with chopped up strawberries - yummers!!!!
that and the peppermint tea should hopefully be speedy.....not that i'll know!!!
Morning all - sorry, I was AWOL yesterday.
But I did weigh in, and the least said the better.

But I was good again yesterday. Success Express mostly - apart from going to my mum's for dinner, where I was on plan, but there wasn't quite enough veg to count as SE.
So I'm going for as much SE as I can this week. Most of it, anyway.
I'm going away from Friday till Monday, and I know I can make good choices, but I don't think I can manage to do SE while eating out. I can do standard SW though, and I will. But if I do SE today until Thursday, that should get the healthy eating back to being well rooted.
Here's hoping!
Not weighing today - have had a monstrous weekend as I had a friend to stay and we have had such a pig-out including a trip to Krispy Kreme, lunch in Harry Ramsdens and a big Scottish breakfast this morning. Will give it a week to get over it I think and weigh in, in time for the wedding run-up next weekend.


Now to maintain.....
im joining you in the skipping weighing this week......ahem!
And I can't weigh in this week as I'm away this weekend.

So a 100% no show for us then!

Well at least we've done it in style.

Back next week!


Now to maintain.....
well im not weighing until 10th sept anyway am i,lol....but just acknowledging that id be avoiding cos i was was baaaaaaaaaaaaaad! holidays are not good!!
back to good girl status now though :) polishing my halo,looking forward to getting back to it and re-addicted to strawbs with nectarine and peppermint tea! hoorah!!!
Sorry I wasn't here on Sunday: I'd only started being good from Saturday, so wasn't prepared to do an official weigh.

I'll be here next week though, cos I'm back on plan, and back in The Zone, and I will get back to target as soon as humanly possible.

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