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Mmmm Yummy syn free pancakes

Discussion in 'Slimming World Recipes' started by Sweet Cheeks, 8 January 2009 Social URL.

  1. Sweet Cheeks

    Sweet Cheeks Full Member

    Hi, guys
    I have just made the most delicious syn free pancakes :drool: and they are sooo easy to make All you need is:
    1 Egg per pancake
    2-3 Teaspoons sweetener (depending on own taste)
    3-4 Drops of vanilla essence

    First seperate the white from the yolk and put into separate bowls, Whisk the egg white until fluffy and add the sweetener, In the other bowl add the vanilla essence then fold the yolk into the egg white
    Heat a frying pan with frylight, add the mix and spread as you would a normal pancake after a few mins flip over (But do be careful they are much more delicate than a regular pancake) And then Hey presto scrummy syn free pancakes

    All you need to do is add some strawberries or banana whatever takes ya fancy

    Believe me they are gorgeous ive just made one for my partner and he loved it xx
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  3. kjs1628

    kjs1628 Surely....

    Sounds too good to be true! I love pancakes. Will try them at the weekend. Don't they kust taste like sweet eggs though?
  4. Sweet Cheeks

    Sweet Cheeks Full Member

    No not at all i thought they would at first but even when ur cooking em they smell like real pancakes, they really are gorgeous lol xx
  5. Claire1981

    Claire1981 Is so very nearly there!

    Hmmm I want you to make one and take a pic pls! I cant believe that with an Egg!?
  6. Sweet Cheeks

    Sweet Cheeks Full Member

    Haha i know lol ill make one tomorrow after my tea and pop a pic on here if u like i didnt believe i could make it from one egg xx
  7. LittleBottle

    LittleBottle Where's Skinny Minnie?

    That sounds gorgeous, whisk til fluffy like a meringue?
  8. Sweet Cheeks

    Sweet Cheeks Full Member

    No not that much just until its gone quite airy and looks white-ish just with a hand held whisk not a electric one xx
  9. LittleBottle

    LittleBottle Where's Skinny Minnie?

    Thanks! x
    I'll be trying those at the weekend :drool:
  10. Sweet Cheeks

    Sweet Cheeks Full Member

    Dont blame ya like i say the sweetener is all down to your own taste so just experiment with how much u like n they are worth tryin especially just for a little syn free snack after teatime and everyone always have eggs in xx
  11. SpaceAngel

    SpaceAngel I ate my willpower!

    Mmmm think I will give these a try 2morrow :gimi:
  12. gemily

    gemily Full Member

    These sound good ill have to give them a try :) Im finding it hard to imagine them tasting like real pancakes but i will try them :) yum yum. Im also looking forward to seeing a pic of them as claire1981 suggested.

    Thanks for posting this :)
  13. claireheath22

    claireheath22 Full Member

    I have tried an alternatve one but you have to use a heathy extra b.

    1) take a slice of wholemeal bread (hexb)
    2) beat and egg in a dish and add a teaspoon of sweetener and some vanilla essence.
    3) roll/squish the bread out flater using a glass/mug/can or even better a rolling pin!
    4) Dip in the egg mix and fry light.
    5) Cook both sides until golden and sprinkle with a little lemon and sweetener.
    6) YUMMY!

    Great if you have a hexb spare at the end of the day.
  14. Sweet Cheeks

    Sweet Cheeks Full Member

    Mmmm that sound great too bit like eggy bread yum
  15. Principessa N

    Principessa N Minimins Addict

    If they work i will have died and gone to slimming world heaven
    How many syns in golden syrup? :D
  16. Principessa N

    Principessa N Minimins Addict

    Did anyone try these this morning? verdict?
  17. loobylou

    loobylou Reached Target. woohoo

    Iv'e just tried them, but didn't have any vanilla only almond so tried that and they were lovely, i think vanilla would be nicer though. At least on pancake day i can join in with the family when they have theirs, thanks Sweet Cheeks for posting the recipe, my minds going mad now trying to think of different flavours. xxx
  18. Principessa N

    Principessa N Minimins Addict

    Lou, did you do them like big pancakes or little drop ones?
  19. Sweet Cheeks

    Sweet Cheeks Full Member

    Right ladies here is the requested pic of my lovely pancake as i was cooking it about 2mins ago 'must say it has all gone now lol', i do recommend to use a smallish pan as the smaller they are the thicker they are and then u can flip them easier

  20. loobylou

    loobylou Reached Target. woohoo

    I did small ones, made about 3. xxx
  21. Principessa N

    Principessa N Minimins Addict

    mmmmmmmmmmm no what i'm having for breakie. Maybe these will become as famous as sw chips!

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