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Hi everyone,day 5 I think or is it 6???Not a good day today,feeling really tired and weak.
Been snappy all day to everyone and nearly nicked a chip off of one of my kids plates,but I didn't.
Hopefully it's just tiredness and after a sleep will hopefully be a bit happy.
Anyway really sorry for the moan and groan.
I hope everyone is ok and going well.
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Hey Martin, you moan all you like, everyone on here is in the same boat so we all know exactly what you are going through. It gets better though so hang in there.

short and dumpy

We are Flab-ou-Less!
I am calling the Chip Police! Almost depriving a child of a chip! It is a disgrace!

On the other hand well done you! You resisted, even on a bloody awful feeling day .! You should feel rather chuffed with yourself young man
Hey Martin, no real problems, on my 16th day and have not felt hungry, what I battle with are the smells fo food. But all is going well, lost 26lbs in 16 days so very happy. It is slowing down though, it could never carry on like that.

short and dumpy

We are Flab-ou-Less!
I am a little over excited today.. all joyous and full of well being ... thats either the side effect of ketosis or I am a rather nervous little bunny about tomorrows weigh in :D

Had a good day today thank you for asking hehehe.. although I was not tempted while baking cakes and cookies and cooking today.. I have noticed I have developed an odd little habit of whenever I might get some food on my fingertips, like icing or gravy or anything, I practically run to the sink to make it vanish.. to stop the sucking it off habit (I tried to re write that a few times and every time it comes out just as bad!)

It's not because I am tempted but I think more of an over reaction incase it might sneak up on me.

I won't lie the first week was quite horrifying for me :D but coming on here and this great group of people do get us through.I promise it will ease Martin.. xx

short and dumpy

We are Flab-ou-Less!
I tend to notice I haven't eaten a pack for a long time now, and find I eat them out of need for my body than any real hunger.... such a relief after feasting on my nails to stop the pangs the first week.

Mark I still can't get over just how much you motivate me with your determined and sensible attitude

short and dumpy

We are Flab-ou-Less!
and thank you xxx it is also tape measure day ... rawrrrrr ! xxx


is slowly shrinking
well done martin, u resisted good on ya, i climb the walls some days, but it is not hunger it is boredom, i am ok at work but when i get home i want to nibble those disgusting carbohydrates, but i think of them as disgusting things that made me fat, sometimes it works.:wave_cry:
keep at it and each day is different, believe me, i am up and down, but thats just me and my womanly hormones lol
I want to be the tape measure.
You know Short it is because of you and the rest of this forum that has enabled me to stay determined, I am normally very very impatient but after reading everybodies stories about the good and the bad days from everyone has had a very positive affect on me. I am however a very confident person and when I put my mind to something I will, no matter, see it through. But Short and Delightful, I am very appreciative of who you are, i think you have heart of gold.
I agree calligas it is more boredom/habit than hunger,doesn't make it any easier though haha
Good luck tomorrow 'SAndD'with the weigh in,I'm sure you'll do great.
Well done Mark,that's an amazing weight loss,hopefully I can follow your lead.
Hi kept getting, you a man you lose weight faster, so expect the same. I am sure you will lose it quick to start with. These woman are just jealous I think, but I love them all.
aww well done for resisting hun you are doing really well and like mark n shorty and evry1 else on here have said it does get easier...though yeah some ppeople do find it alot easier then others i.e mark hehe but yeah truu guess the cravings are more to do with boredom more then actual hunger.....keep it up you are doing really well and we are all here if you do get bored hehe


is slowly shrinking
so true, i am jelous mark, if i had lost what you have in two weeks i would be nearly at my goal. But jelous in a good way, it couldn have happened to a nicer genuine person, who is committed to his diet and his new found friends.
aaww i am sure you will b seeing a brill losss on sat hun not long left...i am dying for my first weigh in date as well even though i have jumpin on scales on n off for most of teh week would b nyc to see the final number on the scales on the actual weigh in date lool....best to try n do it nyc and early as you get a better readin then durin the day when your bod changes....

short and dumpy

We are Flab-ou-Less!
no Mark I think all the ladies have got over that little thing now.. or they should of, I hope.. saying the you man ugh you lose weight ugh fast! It does take away a little from the determination, strength of character and sheer bloody mindedness to lose the rather lovely lumpy bits.
The weight you have lost is down to sheer controlled willpower.. yes yes.. men lose blah blah blahh blaerggh ... but that is not the reason you have lost weight.. YOU are the reason uou have lost weight. I for one am very proud to be on the journey alongside you.

and thank you for the comments :D I am sat here all blushing now hehe I look a little like a little radish.


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