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Mobiles in meetings


I have been thinking about this and not sure what to do. Should i mention it to my councellor or ignore it?

One of the other members of my group this week constantly had a mobile phone going off. She was getting text messages. At one point during the DVD it went of and she replied to the message.

It could of been something important and she had to take the messages and it could of been okayed with the councellor at the start but nothing was said. I personally found it very of putting. I noticed a few others looking to but didnt say anything.

This is only her second week and she has a bit of a attitude problem so I dont know if she will stick with it for long.

Should i mention to the councellor about it or just see how it goes next week.

Anyone else have this problem in class
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When I first joined lighterlife..we all decided to have a set of rules and our LLC listed our suggestions. 1 of them was to have all mobile phones switched off in the meetings as it is a distraction. One of the other rules was not to chat whilst others were talking...maybe suggest to you LLC that a set of rules for class would be a good idea.

We have a set of rules I think we did them on week 3. I was thinking about adding to them about mobiles but if I say in the meeting the lady in question would know it was her I was talking about. If it happens again next week I will have a word after class and ask the councellor to add it the following week
Definately either mobiles off OR on silent and if people want to take a call or message then it is polite to step out of the room.

In our group, our COUNSELLOR constantly gets text message and actually replies to them! She also receives/makes phone calls!
In our group, our COUNSELLOR constantly gets text message and actually replies to them! She also receives/makes phone calls!
That is so rude!! Maybe you should ask for "rules" in your group and add that as one of them ... she might take the hint then!

Yes I'd have a word with your LLC - if it's distracting you then it's probably distracting others and they'll be glad you did. Plus you are paying for the CBT - which you can't concentrate on because of 1 person ....
How very irritating. We also put "no mobiles on" in our Group Agreement. In fact, it was our Counsellor's idea. I would find it sooo distracting if a mobile went off during a meeting. I would think it was better to say something sooner rather than later. It'll annoy you more as each week passes. Good luck! Let us know what happens!
The problem is she is leaving when our foundation finishes in a couple of weeks. The DVD player did not work this week - we have 3 weeks left - and she said she is not buying another one nor does she have one at home that she can bring in! I am hoping she will arrange to borrow one from someone else otherwise we will have miss 4 DVD's! I really believe she is now in "de-mob" mode and is not really bothered about us which is so unfair when you consider how much each one of us is paying and what we are all going through! I have spoken to another person in the group and she agrees with me. If she does not organise a replacement DVD then I will say something in next week's session! Our counsellor has also slagged off (albeit not to harshly) her counterpart who will be continuing the class and this has put a couple of people in the class off going in to Development/Route to Management. She actually comes over as a really nice person but I think she just does not want to be there!

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