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Mole Removal

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Yeah I did. On my arm. No didn't hurt, they froze it and cut out and stitched, once numbness wore off still no pain. You can feel then doing something but not painful.
I got a little scar. Depends how they take it off mine was cut out but sometimes they shave them off. I'm very squemish but honestly not bad took ten mins.
Thank you for your reply Karen :)
Mines on my face, I think I will just see what the doc says, and hopefully get it sorted out

Thank you :)


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Hiya! I have lots of moles (it's a family trait) and I've had 7 removed over the years. Mostly from places that I shave or have bra strap issues! Some were numbed and shaved off others were cut an stitched but every time there was a small scar a little like a cigarette burn? The oldest ones have faded but are still noticeable? For that reason most Gps won't remove from your face in minor surgery. If it's a VERY large mole or causes you acute anxiety then you can sometimes get a referral for plastics to treat them.

I have two mid sized raised ones on my chin and cheekbone which I did ask about the possibility of having removed but decided I'd rather have a mole than a scar?

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S: 16st8lb C: 16st4lb G: 15st3lb BMI: 35.7 Loss: 0st4lb(1.72%)
Plastic surgeon cut mine out. Scar very fine, I've got a mole on my face that I'm going to get cut out, I don't want it shaved if it leaves a scar. I would leave it but they get bigger, mine has and is right between my eyebrows, looks like an Indian spot, you know where they put the red dot on, it's in exactly the same place. I don't take much notice but when I see photos of myself it really shows and is now quite big.
The scar on my arm is very fine, so I'm not too worried, but he is a very good surgeon only does private work, I'm hoping to go through my insurance if not I will pay as it is in a noticable place if scar is not good.
Thank you, legomom for sharing your story.
And Karen :)
I am still contemplating it. I have a doctors appointment towards the end of this month for something else, I shall mention it then and see what they suggest. Eek!

I think it would be quite amusing, telling my bloke that I was going in for plastic surgery haha. !!


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I had one removed on my shoulder last year, however, it started growing back as soon as it had healed - I don't mind because they did a biopsy on the part they removed and it was fine, and it's now flat at least, not raised and bumpy like before, but they are keeping an eye on it, and said I could have it done again if needed.

When I first saw my gp about getting the mole removed, she said it was 'cosmetic' and they wouldn't fund it, and advised me to get it done privately... I researched this a little, lots of private clinics laser them off, but, if there is any chance of malignancy this is not the best option apparently, and they don't send the removed tissue off for biopsy, which was a worry for me, as mine had changed quite a lot.

I spoke to the practice nurse about it when I went for a smear and she advised me to see the other gp at the practice who was more than willing to refer me to dermatology at the local hospital, they saw me within 2 weeks, and agreed it needed to come off, and that the tissue should be tested... it worries me that skin cancer may potentially be missed if people end up going down the cosmetic, rather than medical route with mole removal.

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