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mommyB's SW journey

I thought i had actually started a new diary on here but cant find it, so must have dreamt that one.
started SW a week ago,at home, am going it alone ( well with the help of you lot of course) but i went away for the weekend and was very naughty!! However i am back on the straight and narrow and loving the diet!!.
for those that dont know me I'm jane,46,married with 2 daughters and live near Brum. I work at my daughters school as a diner lady and i'm also a school governor, As well as that i'm an avon lady too so not sure how i have found the time to eat enough to get to this weight!!
Am looking forward to getting to know all you SW bods!!

had a green day today
Milk for the day HXA
B- banana, raspberries and mandarin muller lite
s- fresh pineapple
L- low fat noodles, onion, mushrooms and soy sauce, 1 merringue nest 3 syns
s- dish of baked beans with 28g grated cheddar HXA
D - boiled rice, asda chickpea dhal, s/f jelly, evap lite 1.5 syns

oops no HXB!! am stuffed will it matter if i miss it just for today?
total syns used so far 4.5 but planning a glass of wine later
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good morning all. felling tired and a bit grumpy today-am sure i'll get over it. food for today
milk for day HXA
B- 2 turkey rashers,2 quorn sausages,1/2 tin of toms,few mushrooms, 1 scrambled egg.
L- pasta, mackerel in spicy tomato sauce, 28g grated cheddar(HXA)
D -quorn escalopes (7syns) ,mash,veg

am off out soon to get some alpen lite bars and a wholemeal loaf so i can fit in some HXB's which i seem to be struggling with.
I never thought i would find a diet where i had trouble fitting in all i'm supposed to eat LOL
Hey Jane, Good luck with your journey, I WI on a Friday too and not looking forward to it tomorrow as I haven't really been on track this week but hey we need to live a bit dangerous sometimes!!!!

Gosh, you are a busy lady! I used to do avon years ago but found that I spent more on products than I sold - not so good!!!

I hope you like sw, I find it is great and to be able to eat so much if you want is wonderful! I sometimes wonder how I manage to loss weight at all!!

Good luck for tomorrow! x
Hi shirley -yes i have to limit myself with avon, but i've done it for 5 years now and have built it up to quite a profitable little business, i earn only just short of what i do at my 'real'job.

Am lovong sw so far, long may it continue!!
Have just spotted my mistake-cant have 2 HXa on an ee day, so have to count the cheese on my lunch as 6 syns-realsied AFTER i'd eaten it, oh well
Hiya fuzzy, thanks for visiting yes this is me. TBH ithink the ice cream was the least of my worries at the weekend, but i enjoyed every mouthful and guess i will pay for it, Scales looking much better than they did but still think i'm gonna have a gain, but will just carry on!!
Final food for the day
milk for day HXA
B- 2 turkey rashers,2 quorn sausages,1/2 tin of toms,few mushrooms, 1 scrambled egg.
L- pasta, mackerel in spicy tomato sauce, 28g grated cheddar(6syns)
muller lite yogurt
s-2 small slices wholemeal toast (HXB) 1.5 tspns low fat spread 1.5 syns
D -quorn escalopes (7syns) ,mash,sprouts,carrots, sweetcorn,sugar free jelly

total syns 14.5

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