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***monday***hr by hr***

morning susan, just got up

had a late night, was going to go the gym, but spending the day with hubby instead.

just on my 1st warm butterscotch drink

have to have a warm shake before i can stomach any water

good luck all for today
Morning all - you go susan, 2 pints down already!

Ive just got back from school run and on first pint now and eating my porridge (mini orgasam :rotflmao::rotflmao:)

And on official day 4! And ive had no cheats what so ever, really proud of myself! Though its thanks to my lovely hubby whos been very supportive over the weekend that has got me through bless him.

Think i was just going into k land yesterday as i had a massive amount of energy, seriously I scrubbed my housefrom top to bottom and cleaned windows


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Morning everyone

Weighed this morning and another 3 lbs gone..:) thats 1st 0 1/2lbs ..very happy with that.

Only had water so far today.

Hope you all have a great day and good luck with any weighins today.



please try again
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morning girls

please will some one pay the leccy bill so they can switch the sun back on :(

dropped my wee girl off at school driving the new car, am soooo nervous driving it, its huge!

had 1/2L of water so far but no packs, not hungry for them yet iykwim

well the stalking upped a gear last night
got a call saying " you live at ** dont you, asked who told them that, said to look out the window, there was a car in the road right outside my house with a bloke in waving at me.
my bedroom curtains will be staying firmly shut from now on


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One chocolate shake down, 3 pints of water plus been to the gym. Feeling positive! Only negative point - stepped on the scales at the gym and I'm four pounds heavier than I was on my scales at home. Hoping my scales are the ones that are right as I haven't cheated at all!

Back working in London after a summer at home in Wales. Odd to be back, but at least I'll be home every two weeks to see my CDC. May seem weird as there are plenty of CDC counsellors in London, but I much prefer to see a Welsh speaking one at home. Just find it easier.

Good luck for today everyone! x :)
change of plan, hubbys gone to work for a few hours.

so i'm going to switch the computer of, or i'll never got of it.

And go and tidy my wardrobe out, and hoover the bedrooms and change the bed.

had over 1.5 lts of water so far, so can't venture to far out of the house.......lol


sorry to read your post, is it someone that you know.
Morning everybody, glorious sunny day here.
Clair, you MUST contact the police. You should not be intimidated by anybody, anywhere. Show them the texts on your phone and save any messages voice or on your landline and get the police in. Its not only dangerous for you, its dangerous for your daughter.
Good luck getting this problem sorted out, but you definately do need to get it sorted out.
I havent had any shakes yet today, but had nearly 2 litres of water, going to have my first shake in a min, then go to my mum and dads at about 2ish. Ive been cleaning and tidying up.
Have a great day everybody xx
Lynne x

Get that reported asap and make sure you give them the name and phone number of the original guy because it's all stemmed from him being an idiot. You should not have to put up with that, it's shocking.

I'm 1.5 litres of water down and a strawberrry tetra, looking forward to my chocolate one for lunch.

Go to see my cdc tonight and getting weighed for the first time since restart. Is not going to show a loss though because it's been months since I've been weighed with her and had put all of my original weight back on and more. Not going to look at what I weigh though because that will give me a reading on what i've lost at home and not doing that until 4 weeks ish.

Hope you all have a good day.

Well done on the loss Maggie. Good news!! :)


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hi, think totm due.
i`ve had 1 litre water so far,
but due to being starving????(psyhological i know)
i`ve had my porridge & a bar already
that leaves me 1 shake which i will have in 2 sittings for the rest of the day.

any body else had a bad starving day due to totm, do you think it`ll be ok if i get real hungry later to maybe have another shake just for today???


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Good afternoon ladies.

Well its a beautiful sunny day if a bit chilly. Stuck at work again :sigh: & its bloody freezing in this office! :gen125:

I'm 2 litres of water down & a choc shake this morning.
I can't get warm & my hands are like ice!

Hope everyone has a good day.



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Afternoon all,

I had porridge with a glass of water on the side this morning and am now drinking chocolate mint shake with cold water in it - tastes so much better!

I'm 2/3 of a 2L bottle of water down aswell. Oh add on 2 cups of tea I think I'm doing good with fluid today - keep needing the loo.

I had a naughty weekend again, plus womens stuff started yesterday aswell which gives me the munchies big time.

Oh well, heres to more fluid and hope I can loose a lil bit more than 2lbs on Thursday eve :D.


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i wish porridge gave me mini-orgasms... :S

claire. i can only agree with the above. it's freaky and it shouldn't be allowed to happen. report them to the police and give them the name and phone number of the guy that gave out your number for one and the chap sitting outside your house that you don't even know for another!!

have had 2.5litres of water and a shake so far. still going strong...

abz xx


always lurkin around!
afternoon all ....hey me 2 abz :p i dont like the porridge at all ... well its day 4 here on restart and been reaaallllyyy good i choc shake down just been doin there dreaded housework and washin:eek: still in my pjs so think i better get dressed.have a good afternoon and be good xx
Well ive had a good day so far, just finshed my third pint and had my second bowl of porridge. Better get my smart gear on as i have a meeting up at the school about my son. All good hopefully!
4pts of water 3 peppermint teas and a chicken and mush soup down so far.xx

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