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ProPoints Monday mayhem

Every little helps x!X!x

1lb loss this morning, scales doing funny things though; have a bad habit of having to weigh myself more than the once in the morning, not sure why just like to be sure lol

however this morning it came out different each time which made me do it all the more!

i have chosen the least amount lost just to be on the safe side, i will however re weigh myself another day as i've also decided to change wi day as i think after the weekends i'm always going to be heavier and would prefer a couple of days to get myself back on track - wrong maybe - but makes sense in my head lol just not sure what day to chose yet and need to find somewhere i can get weighed easily enough every week that i can be sure is accurate.

anyway mondays food intake ;-)


fruit bowl 0pp
muller 2pp didnt eat it all as was late for college


chicken salad 3pp
salad cream 1pp
snack size time out 1pp


warburton square wrap 4pp
passata (teaspoon of lazy chilli mixed in) 0pp
4oz potato wedges 2pp
salad cream 1pp


multigrain bites (aldi) 3pp
snack a jacks 2pp
melon 0pp
fruit bowl &ww toffee/honeycombe sundae 3pp

27/29 49 weeklies unused

0 AP earnt
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have decided to weigh myself friday mornings instead od mondays now, gives myself a few days to get over the weekend lol Been trying to decide where to get weighed as my scales are being funny but think my wii should do the job nicely (i hope) anybody else use thier wii for wi??


fruit bowl 0pp
muller 2pp


warburton thins 3pp
wafer thin ham 1pp
salad cream 1pp
cheese slice 1pp
salad 0pp
beetroot 0pp


birdseye chicken peri peri 4pp
ww cheese 3pp
mederteranian veg 0pp
asda snack pot mash cheese & broccoli 1pp

tangerine 0pp
quavers 2pp
ww wafer 2pp
Strawberries 0pp
ww toffee sundae 3pp Mmmmmm
2x vodka 4pp

27/29 49 weeklies remaining

70 mins running 12AP earnt
30 mins walking 2AP earnt

total AP 14 remaining
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Other lovely sunny morning, dropping em off at school then going for a run, busy day today will put diary up later x

Have a great day everyone

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Scales can vary so much !! . A digital one is probably the best . dont know about the Wii maybe someone else can advise you there. Remember even eatin a meal or drinking some fluid or TOTM or bowel movements can change your weight throughout the day. If it weighs you a pound heavier or lighter one after another chances are you are in between both readings. dont get too hung up on weekly readings look at the overall picture ie monthly .If the trend is down then you are on a winner :D:D
Thanks, have had a bad habit of stepping on the scales at every opportunity, decided this is unhealthy and can seriously ruin my mood if it's not what I want to see lol. Now only going to weigh myself Friday mornings on the Wii. ;-)

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Its a better idea really to just weigh once a week otherwise you will just drive yourself nuts!!!!!!. I say to myself ..well its not the WW scales so it could be different to class. (or Wii)

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