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Monday Night Weigh Ins

i have lost 8lbs. this is amazing as i binged all thursday and friday and gained 2lbs last week. i am finding it soo hard getting back into SS but i am determined to do two more weeks before i start moving up stages. i am so chuffed i just had a toffee and walnut muffing with a coffee to celebrate. :D
Well done folks! Keep up the good work. I've got my first weigh in tomorrow!


Powdered Toast Man
Well done dude
6lbs from me!


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well done fellow liquidisers :).
i have weighed in today with a 5lb loss. i was hoping for 7lbs but hey, i cant knock 5lbs really :)


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Well done lou i had a big blow out and still lost think its a case of getting it out the system and starting again.
Well done.
hi guys 3 & a quater for me have lost 3 -1/2stone in 10 weeks amazing:D:D
I lost 8 in my first week, 7 in second and 3 and a half in third, i should of been there tonight but my cdcs away??? For 5 weeks!!!!! Im hoping theyll be nothing left for her to weigh!!!!! Hmmmm doubt it v v v much lol. Well done every1!!! Wonder if ive lost? Should i weigh on diff scales do we think??? Or just leave it and persivere? x x x
Well done everyone some reallygood results.:)
Well done everyone, great WIs!!


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