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Monday WIs anyone? Starting wk9 here :-)

Hi Everyone -

I have my WI every Monday morning and would love to hear from anyone else with results to report :). I've lost 4.5lbs this week and am now in wk9 of CD SS :D. Am 13st exactly now, which means next wk I'll be 12st something :D:D. I've lost 2st 7lbs in 8 wks and am past the halfway point now, woohoo!

How is everyone else doing?

Soon2bslimmer x
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Is determined!
Hi soon2bslimmer!

I have my weigh in every monday morning, just got back. I stayed the same this week (week 5) which was mainly due to having a mothers day meal yesterday! Well done on your loss, thats fantastic!

Jess :D


Peggy McParrot
i always WI on mondays too.....week 9 lost 2 lb

not much but been ill these last 2 weeks and am now on 1000 plan since mid last week, and know i've put on two pounds. felt too ill tp do WI last week, it was too much effort to get out of bed lol

but only need 3 lb loss to be 13 stone.......so fingers crossed for next week too

Purple Hugs

Loves weight.. training!
Well done all on your losses :)

soon2bslimmer - you and me both for the heading into the 12 stone something range this week! :) I weigh on Thursday though.. ultra exciting eh! :)
Thanks for your comments guys. Well done on STS with a Mothersday meal, Jess ;). And Blitsy, hope you feel better soon and get to that 13st mark too :). Purple, hope you get into the 12s Thursday :D.

Next week I've gotta order 3 wks worth :eek:, as I will be away for 2wks over Easter. Am stuffing my sachets in my case as there's no way I'm stopping with CD now :D. Holiday clothes shopping to be done next week, haven't been this size since 12 years ago (pre having 2 children!!).

Soon2bslimmer x

Purple Hugs

Loves weight.. training!
well done! :) Where are you going on holiday? sounds lovely :) although hard with CD to think of :)

We're away for 3 days twice over the Easter holidays - can cope with that though - I think! lol
Going to the Algarve :D. Not bothered about the whole food thing TBH, will cook for the rest of the family when needed and I'll be drinking lots of water and having my shakes. Just tried on my old size 18 cossie, it's a bit big!!

Soon2bslimmer x
Oohh Im going to the algarve in May! let me know if its nice! I reckon I will go on 810, so I can still have my evening meal, but have shakes in the day!

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