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mondays hour by hour

Morning Joanne & the rest of you once you come along :)

Glad to hear you're getting back on track Joanne.

I've decided to weigh in today as I'm going away, that way I'll have to face up to the truth! I've had a really good few days so it would have been easy to disguise any slip ups but I'd rather be accountable! So today, 5 days after last weigh in... I'm down 6lb!! Crazy madness! It leaves me the rest of the month to drop 1lb to meet my August challenge so I'm pretty chuffed! I'm seeing my lovely new man again today too & going away so everythings great!

Hope you all have a lovely day.
glad your ok fingers crossed i m gonna be supping the good ole h20 like mad today need to shift the 3lb i ve put on over the weekend why oh why was i so stupid but hey it s a new week so onwards and downwards
yeah i know i can it s the fact i m out of ketosis so hope i don t get too bad symptom s till i get back back in it s my own fault then it might teach me not to do it anymore
If you stuck to low carb you should get back into ketosis pretty quickly. I did low carb the week before I started CD & was in ketosis by the end of the first day of SS. Good luck.
that s good to know i m sure the bbq meat was low carb i think its the alcoholic drinks i washed it down with was the problem lol


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good morning peeps.

Wow FC 6lb in 5 days. Impressive stuff. Enjoy your break and dont go too mad. You want that 6lb to still count towards your christmas challenge when you get back.

Joanne, hope you get back on the wagon today. the 3lb will all be water so just drink plenty and it will probably be off again by tomorrow morning. Just shows though how just a small slip off plan can slow you down.

Are the rest of you all having a lie in this morning????
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Good morning all! Well, I'm looking forward to my weigh-in on Wednesday - will be first in two weeks so hoping for a reasonable loss!

Went shopping on Saturday and got new trousers and blouse a size smaller - still got a long way to go but with that being within 3 weeks I was chuffed!!! Got them on today so feeling slightly more confident than I normally do.

Started on the water this morning and got packs with me for work. Have a good day all!

Trudz xx
good morning girls, joanne you will be fine huni just draw a line under the weekend and get glugging on the old :tear_drop::tear_drop: and all will be ok. fc glad u had a nice time with the man yesterday and sure ur have a good day today seein him hun. I didnt get a chance to check in on here over the weekend but i was good made sure i had 4ltrs sat & sun and just my lovely shakes n soups both days nowt else passed my lips even when my wonderfull 3 kiddies were eating dinky do-nuts saturday eve the smell mmmmmmmmmmm but i resisted temptation dont know how mind you!!!!!!!
Morning all
My weight loss seems to have come to a grinding halt at the moment, but I am retaining :( as I am due that time of the month any day now.
Off to the gym in a bit, gonna have a good workout and see if that helps to shift some of this excess water I am holding.
Am still glug glug glugging, yesterday was about 3 1/2 litres so not too bad, want to get back up to 4 today!
Have a great day, all, and I will check in later X


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morning all, just back from the early shift....hope every body is fit and well.:)
New day new start Jo, don't dwell on what has gone keep glugging as everyone says and you will have a good loss this week.:D

I am starting day 9 and still feel pretty positive...has a couple of days in Sheffield over weekend...but stuck strictly to diet.:D The frozen Tetras do help, Seems like a real treat to have Choc ice cream. It's yummy.:)

Managed all my water with the addition of a couple of Black coffees :(as well....think I will just stick to water.:tear_drop::tear_drop::tear_drop::tear_drop:.

Have a great day all, catch you later
Joanne, deffo keep up with ss hun, you have done marvelous and yep you will probably just have a bit of water retention which will be gone in no time, don't let this blip put you off. :character00238:

Fingerscrossed, WOW AND WOW AGAIN:wow::character00238::wow::character00238: :wow::character00238: WELL DONE HONEY. Hope you have a fabby day today with your new man, where you off to?? Will we chat before your holiday?? Where are you going to?? Hope you have a fabby time, sure you will.
Cheers SJ- I'm really impressed with myself for once! I've been ill however & I do seem to shed pounds rapidly whilst unwell. Once lost 7lb on a 2 week all inclusive holiday as I had food poisoning for the last 3 days.
Not sure what we're doing today but I'll be sure to report in later. Off to the Edinburgh Festival in the morning for a few days of fun & madness with my best mate. Can't wait.

Good luck with your weight in hun... heres hoping you can better my 6lb!
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Morning all!
I'm back after a week and a half off! already lost the weight i put on yayyy(been good since thursday).
WOW FC that is fantastic.
Good luck all her have WI and everyone have a nice day:)


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Hi everyone hope you are all having a good Monday.

Well I went a bit off plan at the weekend. I was at the rugby on Saturday and didn't intend to eat or drink and ended up doing both!

My CDC is away this week so no weigh in till next Monday. I am 2lbs up this morning on my scales so I need a really good loss this week.


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