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Mondays Water Challenge

Im starting this as some of us struggle with drinking enough water in the day, especially in this weather
Last time round when i did CD we used to do this kinda thing and it helps
What i do every morning is fill up a 2ltr and a 500 ml bottle with my water, put it in the fridge, as long as i drink all that i know im on track, anything else is a bonus. Not sure if adding extra water to your shakes etc counts but i always near enough put double the amounts it says, cant hurt can it!!

All you have to do if you want is pop in and maybe write down every time you have 1/2 litre, if you are struggling then maybe you can get a bit of encouragement in here.

so far for me 1/2 litre down 2 to go
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Good idea i struggle so I'm in!!
500ml done!


please try again
good luck girls
i have 4 litres plus a day and am already down 1l i would be here all day if i updated every 500ml but its a very good idea
im really struggling! iv only just had my first glass! But i made the mistake of putting the berry flavouring in and its horrid! prefer the orange one
2nd glass down! lol how many glasses do u need?
2nd glass down! lol how many glasses do u need?
depends on how much is in a glass ;)
thats why i measure mine out every morning or i wouldnt keep track

sumayyah i wish i could get through 4 litres so easy, im almost a litre down now but i tend to slow down a bit about this time as i leave for work in an hour and id spend most of the lunch time in the loo instead of looking after the kids :rolleyes:
i have a pint as a glass lol, im on my 3rd and nearly finished a 1.5ltr lol


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2nd 500 ml done oh god it's such a struggle I'm forcing it down & I'm freezing. Ah well it will be worth it in the end lol
1 shake down - 2 to go
1 pint down - 3 to go

struggling today and i usally perfer water lol
1.25 L done! :)

Hayley 22

would like to be slim
1.5 litres water - done
one large mug of green tea - done
I feel soooo bloated drinking all this water!!

1.5 litres - not done
one large mug of green tea - not done

Any more then im doing well!!
2pints done lol

though i thing a pint has come back out the amount of times ive bin the loo this morning lol

Hayley 22

would like to be slim
Just started on my 500ml bottle LOL i just got up at 11 tho aint feeling to great today so took the day off work :( Porridge has been gobbled up nicely and now to start on this bloody water lol xxx
3rd 500ml done-yay me!!
1.5 L done!

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