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money low.. weight is going high


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Hi guys,

I have recently moved and started a new job that i thought was going to be amazing, i took a pay cut from my last job to move house and to Dublin. Reality is, my job is not amazing :cry:and im struggling a little with money now.. dont know if my job isnt amazing because im feeling the pinch etc but anyway:

a new slimming world class has opened in the area and i was going to join but im so low on money i dont know what to do, in order to re-join its €28 to keep my information and then €9 a week to weigh-in. as i have such a tight budget im not sure if i can really afford this. I also am finding it hard to buy food, it is a little more expensive then the uk and so its hard to get bargains. As its going so far, ive gone off plan and put up 7lbs :cry: i think my family have noticed because theyre doing the cheery "hows it going at SW" conversation when i went home the other day.

So im trying to think of a menu where i can get the most value but not spend alot of money. any suggestions? Finally we got mugshots in the tesco near me so they would be a possibility for lunches.

sorry to be so dreary, but ever notice how upset and stressed when you cant even buy food for the week! Also what do you guys think about weigh-in?
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I really feel for you been in the same boat just got a job since last year not got paid yet though.

Its very hard I found to go it alone for me anyway I either STS or small gains I must need the classes to stay focused.

I think it will be a matter of batch cooking for meals with the best prices you can get for food.

Very Best of Luck to you:D


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Hi, there's a section on here for Irish SW....maybe they could alert you to any bargains in the shops. You're right - it is so expensive in the ROI. I live in the North and there are also loads of ROI shoppers every time I go to ASDA and Tesco.
Personally your SW fees sound really high for someone on a budget. I would maybe try to go it alone but everyone is different. Some people really need that weekly official weigh-in and guidance/support.
Sorry to hear your job is not everything you thought it would be. I have been in that position before (also had moved for the job so felt doubly bad about it all). It's really tough when day-to-day seems like a struggle.
My money saving tip would be to get a slow-cooker (get one next time you're up North for less than £20) You can make a big load of yummy stews at the weekend, freeze them and take one to work for your lunch every day. It's economical on electricity and helps you get the best out of economical food too (vegetables, potatoes, meat etc.) That's what I do and people are always jealous when I open my lunch box! I can honestly say I look forward to my lunch every day. OH makes them for me actually so even better!!:p
There are lots of recipes on here (slow cooker and otherwise) and lots of really encouraging and knowledgable people. It's the friendliest forum I know and I love it.
Have you done SW before? If so, did you like it?
Wishing you lots of luck, x


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Maybe you haven't managed to get properly into the routine of things yet either. That always seems really important for me to succeed on SW.

Do you think it's the not going to class that has been the problem? If so, maybe it's worth the money. Otherwise, if you're strapped for cash maybe get a weekly weigh in established and focus on your meal planning.

How has the move worked out apart from the job. Ie. have you met some nice new friends yet? If not, that's hardly going to improve your mood. I think food can sometimes be a crutch for us when we're feeling low (my OH has gone off for the weekend, and I'm skint and staying in alone and haven't stopped munching - on syn free stuff, but much more than I would be if he were here).

I find that the support on here is better than I got at group anyway - and would prefer to put the money towards my gym membership.

Hope you feel better soon. Hope I'm wrong, but I got the feeling that your feeling more 'down' than you're letting on. xx


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I am constantly looking for economy meals and find green days cheaper to manage than red.

I love a baked bean shepherds pie.........baked beans topped with mashed potato that has had finely chopped onion added and topped of with Cheddar cheese from HEX allowance.....yummy, filling and so cheap

Another standby for me is a huge saucepan full of a spicy SW friendly soup.

There are loads and loads of recipes on here that are cheap . I just takes a bit of organisation.

My pressure cooker is a good friend in my kitchen. Makes for quick cooking and it doesn't matter what cut of meat you use.

I hope things improve for you. Money struggles are pants and affect so many areas of your life.

I would recommend a pound spent on the lottery every week. Someone has to win......why not you and it is such fun planning what you will do when you win..... and if you do........don't forget me lol !!!


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Oh how rotten for you, I've got a suggestion that may be totally unsuitable.

Your family that are asking how SW is going... if you admitted that you were finding it hard, would thye sponsor you for a few euros a week each so you can go to class?

Also have you thought about taking a part time job as well as the one you have? One evening a week doing bar work perhaps? Just a thought or two please don't shout at me lol


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Thank you everyone for the replies, I really am down to be honest, I feel like a lost lamb, so many changes at once! I lost 3 stone in slimming world and only stopped going to class 2 months ago and already 7 lbs up Grr!

I have free gym membership so was thinking of maybe asking one of the nice trainers to maybe do a weekly weighin with me? What do you guys think? Might help me stay motivated but save me money on class.

Ok I have spent the rest of the day trying to decide how to save money. One option is to stop paying my health insurance but my mum would prob have a freak attack that I'm not covered as my family wouldn't be able to afford my hospital bills if god forbid anything happened to me.. So crazy idea number two is:

Instead of driving or taking the bus (saving a big fat EUR100 a month ) and walking to work! But think it could be about 4 miles walk but then again it's body magic.. 8 miles a day would be great lol if I had a bike I would cycle to save money.. Think I will give the walk a try next week and see how long it takes me.

My sister lives in the north so I'm going to get her to get me a pressure cooker next time she's coming down, and I will have to look into bulk cooking.

Second job is not an option as tax is insane as it is in just one job, also I work shift work at the moment. Will start doing the monday million lotto as it's EUR1 a ticket and the other draws are all minimum EUR4.

Lots of great advice on here I really appreciate it more then u think


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There is a "student" 7 day planner on the website every week for those on a tight budget.
If you have a garden then a long term investment might be to grow some of your own veg.

4 miles is about an hour and a half walking at a reasonable pace.

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he walking sounds a bit adventurous - that quite a bit of time extra for work!! Maybe keep an eye out for a 2nd hand bike.

The gym sounds like a good option for weigh in. Otherwise, do you have Boots stores there with their scales that you can buy credits for on card. They're excellent as they give you a print out, and they shown the date / weight for each time you've weighed using that card. (Just ask at the pharmacy desk - that's where I got mine from).

What about socialising? You need to meet some people that aren't working with you. Otherwise, if a better job comes up, you won't want to leave because that's the only place you know people.

I was surprised about the health insurance. I guess I've been taking the NHS a bit for granted!!

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