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Money Saving Tips

Discussion in 'Pregnancy Without The Pounds' started by Purple Hugs, 26 June 2009 Social URL.

  1. Purple Hugs

    Purple Hugs Loves weight.. training!

    Thought I'd start a thread on money saving tips. They don't need to be 'green' but can be too. :)

    I have been looking at reusable wipes rather than wet wipes - lets face it you buy tons with a baby/toddler.
    So.. there is a brand called Cheeky Wipes http://www.cheekywipes.com/
    Even on Ebay they retail at £30 but am thinking of making my own 'kit'.

    Water, essential oils
    Tupperware tubs for clean and dirty
    2 bags - small soap types you can get from superdrug
    and a wash bag for underwear for washing them in.

    Reckon that'll be less than £30 and likely have more wipes at the end of it.

    What are your money saving tips?

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