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Monique (newbie) weight loss diet and tracker

Hi everyone ive decided to record my slimming world daily menu's everyday until goal which i hope will be next February losing an average of 2 pounds a week :D

I started slimming world on the 3/02/2009 after losing 3.5 stone on weight watchers then putting it all back on
Yesterdays food was:


Breakfast: 0.5 syn jelly and a muller light

Lunch: 3 egg omelette(milk as hex a) with lean smoked bacon , tomatoes, mushroom and onion fried with fry light on a bed of salad (with a can of diet coke)

Dinner: chicken breast topped with 1tsp of wholegrain mustard (1syn)wrapped in lean bacon sprayed with fry light and roasted in the oven with 1tbls olive oil (hex b) tomatoes,garlic,chives,mushrooms,shallots and carrots
with SW chips(hex b) and lots of vinegar

Snack: fruit salad chew Bar 4.5 syn's

Total of 6 syn's and a yummy and filling day

05/02/2009 today

Breakfast: 1 hard boiled egg and and a muller light yogurt

Lunch: loads of prawns with salad and a wholemeal roll (hex b) and 1 tbsp of light mayo (2syns) drizzled with lemon juice

chicken breast flattened to 1.5 cm thick turned in the pan then cooked in the oven, smothered in
Dairylea (hex a 4x20g triangles)tomatoes,onion and a tiny bit of tomato puree, with a jacket potato (hex b) 1tsp of flora buttery (1.5 syns) + some salad

Snack 2x 0.5 syn jelly's

syns 4.5

does this all sound okay ? am i doing things right ?

thanks Monique xx
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Right so all is going well its 15.37 and im feeling a bit hungry might go and get a muller light yum yum.

Today 6/2/2009

Breakfast: 2 hard boiled eggs and some grapes

lunch: piece of cod poached in the micro with salad and 1 tbsp light mayo (2 syns)

Dinner:home made burgers made with an egg to bind with lean bacon ,28g of cheddar (hex a) and a wholemeal roll (hex b) with sw potato wedges (hex b)
and 1 tbsp of ketchup (1 syn)

All in all 3 syns but im going to find something that will bring me up to 7 or 8

all is going good have just been swimming for 90 mins and feel all awake now :D

cya xxx
Hi everyone i have just had a yummy breakfast

red day

quorn sausages
2 eggs
3x weight watchers bread (hex b)
1x tsp of flora buttery (1.5)
1x ketchup (1.0)
1x tbls of ketchup

I'm at work from 4 until 1 so i will find something good to eat there :D i cant believe this is a diet, im so happy with it

right going to walk the pug
bubye xx
hiya everyone well last night i resisted the best food in the world BUFFET !!when i got home from work i had a cod sandwich (bun = hex b) and i ended up havin 9 syns because i had 2 slim a soups

Im also having a red day AGAIN !!

Breakfast: 2 weetabix (hex b) with 250 ml of semi skimmed milk (hex a)

snack: subway salad with chicken breast and some light mayo
(5 syns 2x tbls)

late dinner: duck breast with loads of veg and 4 tbls of gravy ( 4 syns)
and a mullerlight yogurt

supper: sw chips (hex b) with 2 eggs and chopped tomatoes

ive also had some chewing gum (0.5 syns)
and some light salad cream (1.5 syns)

so thats 11 syns today,

Im worried that at the end of the week im not gunna have lost any weight as i feel so bloated and horrible today how much did people lose on their first week ?

totm isnt for 2 weeks but maybe im getting pre bloat :S hmmm

im sooooooooooooo hungry !!!!!! grrrrr
dont be hungry - go eat something!! x
ive just had a boiled egg :D:D xx
well i got weighed yesterday and i have lost 5.5 pounds :D im really happy with that because i haven't been hungry and it hasn't felt like a diet :D yay roll on next week

yesterday i had
muller light and some watermelon for breakfast

Lunch: boiled egg and ham salad with lots of extra light salad cream (2 syns)

tea: Homemade Bhuna(5 syns) with a brown roll (h ex b) and some sw chips (hex b )

snacks 4 dairylea light triangles (h ex a)
7 syns
a happy day :D

Today im having

2 weetabix with milk (h ex a and b)

tuna salad (or something like that)

cod and parsley sauce from the website with jacket potato(h ex b) and fresh veg ( 1 syn)

and ill update with my syns :D
right well i havent posted for a while but im gunna try and keep on top of it this week, last weigh in i lost 2.5 pounds so not bad considering i had the weekend in london and had a few lattes and a mexican dinner (tut tut).

Yesterday (my first green day)


Made a huge pot of pasta with, onions, tomatoes,mushrooms and a tablespoon of dairylea light spread(hexa) oh and some chicken(hexb)passata


loads of slimming world chips with 2 eggs cracked over the top and baked in the oven with mushy peas and a small wholemeal bread roll (hexb)

2x Aero moose's 11 syns

Today Red

mullerlight yogurt grapes and melon

2 egg omlette with 2 turkey rashers and onion with a wholemeal bread roll and 1 tbls of ketchup (1syn)

large rump steak with 2 dairlea cheese slices (hexa) and a jacket potatoe (hexb) with loads of salad and a tbls of light mayo an a tbls ofketchup 1.5yns

11 syns saved for sunday for wine and vodka
2.5 pounds is great, well done x
im soo mad !!! just had an argument with my partner, his attidtude is so bad he keep having a go for nothing and i dont understand why ?? we seem to be fine for a month and then he goes off on one for 2 weeks, i dont know how much more i can take of this ive had 2.5 years of it and its getting me down now !!!! srry i know this isnt a weight loss thing but i needed to offload grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

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