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More weight loss info from my osteopath (re aches and pains)


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Some of you may remember that last week I went to my osteopath with backache, and she said it was because my weight loss was causing my posture to change (improve actually - I'm naturally standing up straighter because I'm lighter) - which does cause a few aches and pains as the body 'rearranges' itself and gets used to the new you!

I went back this week, because my right hip was hurting a bit. (It's been doing this for a while because I have a tight buttock muscle which she's been working on! :eek:) This felt a bit different though - I've found it hard to sleep sometimes because I'm now lying on uncushioned bones, and I'm not used to it, lol. I've always had strong legs (lots of dancing when I was young, think it makes a difference) and she said that my legs have had to get stronger over the years to hold me up (! :eek:) as I've got heavier - but now that I'm getting significantly lighter, my legs are actually getting weaker because they're not having to work so hard
(my hip joint was basically too mobile, and getting a bit floppy). Weird, isn't it?

The best answer for all this (says my osteopath, who is brilliant and highly experienced) is Pilates - what is needed is some kind of strengthening exercise that's not cardio-vascular (can't cope with that on SS), and Pilates is the ideal answer. I've actually done it before so I know all the moves - what I've got to do now is get on the floor and actually DO some - every day!!

Just thought these might be some useful tips for those of us who might be suffering from unexplained aches and pains. :) (More next week!)
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Julie W

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Thanks for the post Jacey. I haven't thought much about the effects of losing a lot of weight, other than looking thinner and wearing smaller clothes. I did notice today that I seem to be stooping more - a bit round shouldered and that I need to pull my shoulders back and open up my rib cage a bit. I'll certainly start thinking about the pilates.


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Hi Jaycey, well the last few nights i have had trouble sleeping as i usually sleep on my side, but i have been finding it uncomfortable as i can feel my thigh bone pushing against the bed..lol.. didnt really think nothing of it till i just read ur post..so maybe thats why it hasnt got as much padding..lol.. i have lost 26lb altogether, didnt realise that amount of weight would affect things like that, thought maybe when i got nearer my goal i would notice that i was more boney but not yet...lol.. xx


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Thanks for that post, Jaycey - how interesting to read more about the physical effects of losing weight. As others have said, you don't realise the massive changes it makes to your body, rather than just thinking in terms of 'I can wear smaller clothes now'. I've been finding it harder to sit on my office chair for long periods of time as my bum hurts - must be more bony! God luck with the Pilates, I should think it would be the ideal exercise :)


Post-Menopausal Maniac!
S: 13st1lb C: 13st1lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 27.8 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
More physical effects of weight loss.....

Only a little thing, but weird! :p

I've always had a small mole on the side of my big, horrible, flobby tummy. However, now that my tummy is going down - it's moving! Well, obviously it's not really, but it keeps coming more and more round to the front as my shape changes. When all this is finished, and I am the final shape that I'm meant to be, that mole will be right at the front of my body, instead of round the side! How strange is that! :eek::eek: (It will be like, "whose body is this? It can't be mine!")

(More news on my hips - they both hurt this morning! They're just getting so bony. How I would be if we didn't have a memory foam mattress topper, I just can't imagine! :confused: Anyway, back to the osteopath next week - I keep having to be 'rearranged'!! :))

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