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Discussion in 'Celebrity Slim' started by curvy0girl, 13 May 2009 Social URL.

  1. curvy0girl

    curvy0girl Well-Known Member

    The sun is shining here this morning and I feel very proud of myself as I got up extra early to take the dog out for a good walk! I have realised that I can not escape it I have to exercise as well as diet for these blasted pounds to come off grumble grumble....:mad:

    Anyway grumble aside i actualy quite enjoyed it and feel great now, shame I have to go to work now and spoil it!

    What is everyone else upto today? Whatever you are doing hope you all have a great day :)
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  3. Deegirl

    Deegirl Well-Known Member

    You put me to shame you good girl!!!!
  4. JustForMe

    JustForMe Well-Known Member

    im starting my ss today :eek: and going out for a good few hours i just need to get out of the house!

    have a good day everyone!
  5. NewDawn

    NewDawn Bring on the trumpets

    Good morning ladies......I am waiting for tumble drier man to come out......I was told to expect him between 10am and 4pm.......waste of a day's leave!!!.....
    I have also decided to go back to basics with I can get back on track....
    Hope you all have a fab day........XXXXX
  6. Deegirl

    Deegirl Well-Known Member

    Take it easy Kels...I'm here if you want a chat x
  7. curvy0girl

    curvy0girl Well-Known Member

    Miserable here this morning :(

    Late start at work today so just about to leave now SO wanted to stay in bed this morning though! Hope everyone has a good day :)

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