Morning all. Has the weekend been kind to you ?


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Hi Everyone.

Hope you all had a good weekend ??? just off to check everyones posts now, as havent been able to get on pc much the weekend.

Now back at work, can have a good browse before boss comes in. :D

Had a busy weekend myself, decorating going well, and nearly all done so pleased with that.

Managed to stick to my points the weekend (which I find hardest) and down a bit this morning on the scales. Not much, but at least in the right direction. :)

Off to check other entries now.

Deb x
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Apart from my slip and eating the take aways I had a good weekend, bit of shopping and mostly relaxing. Nothing exciting! But I enjoyed it! :)


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I've had a lovely weekend thank you, went for a really long walk yeasterday into and around town, and then home again. I couldn't sleep last night... at all!

I sent a text to my boss (so unprofessional, but seems to be the way it works - and it was just after 7am, and she starts at 7.30am) explaining that I won't be in today and I'm really sorry.

I'm hoping it's just a one off. I'm going to write out today everything I may or may not be worried about (I'm not really sure if I am really that worried about anything), and if the sleeplessness continues to cause issues for me, then I'll go to the doctor.

I managed to doze off just after 8am, but only achieved drifting in and out for a couple of hours. I feel like hell at the minute, oh well, can only hope that I sleep well tonight.


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Had a good weekend. Managed to strike a happy balance between sticking to points but not feeling deprived :)

Sorry to hear youre not sleeping Sparkle. I hate that myself. Hope its a one off


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Had an ok weekend...doing bookwork groan!

Am struggling with the points at the moment but TOTM is due and i've made a few mistakes...carrot cake slices is a definite mistake :)