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Morning all!

Was just wondering...my start weight was 227LBS. If I lose 22.7 lbs would that mean I have my club 10? I dont go to class see, and I know a few of you have mentioned this before and I wasnt quite sure about it!

Hope I can get to this in the next 2 weeks. Am on 20lbs loss but things are slowing a bit lately with an increase in excersize, but Im sure it will level out.

This week I have been trying to mix it up a bit, have been cramming in my superfree and eating some yummy salads! In fact I have prepared a big salad box of hummus, coleslaw, potato salad and couscous salad, so over the weekend my lunches are sorted. I always find the weekend can be my downfall. My in laws often desend for the weekend, and we normally have a big meal on Saturday and then a BBQ on Sunday. Luckily they dont drink, so I dont, otherwise I think it could be a lot more damaging to my SW!

Eating loads of melon this week, cutting back on the potatoes and rice. I seem to be ok with pasta so thats staying and I have replaced rice with bulgur rice. Will still have potatoes, but just not every day! Also, this week, no wine. Lets see if that was what was slowing me!
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Yep, 22.7lb would be 10% by the calculator, suppose they might round it up or down in a class (I'm doing it from home so wouldn't know either for certain).

You sound to be having a brilliant week, hope it pays off in spades :)

Hi there!

I went to group and lost a stone when I stopped I put it all back on and then some! But that`s me.
When I rejoined my C told me I needed to lose 16.5lbs for my club 10. It`s within sight as I`m 4lbs off it.
Hope that helps. You seem to be doing really well so far. Keep it up!!
Hey, yeah, that's right. Also, the details at the side of your posts tell you your percentage loss so if you keep that updated it might help with the workings out (for some reason I keep telling myself my club 10 is 2lbs further away than it is!!!)

Only 3lbs to go for me!!!!!! :D:D:D:D :yippee:
Dreamslim- I am such a doughnut...I wondered what that percentage thingy was for!! Mmmm Doughnuts.....
thanks all, trying to have a good week, will see how I hold up over the weekend ! :)

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