Morning campers!!


Gone fishing
How's everyone this morning?

Hi Karion

Not too bad considering I fell into a vat of Vodka last night:(

Oh damn. That must have been awful for you;) I'm a brandy and babycham girl myself. Vodka...yuck.

Was that vodka neat? Or was it too wet without food to accompany?
I am feeling brilliant this morning, I seem to have found a new bout of energy and feeling of well being, I just made my boys lunch and wasnt tempted in the slightest.


Morning Karion!!!

Delighted with myself I have completed 5 days SSing!!!

I hope your having a nice day and hello to Cherly and Sonkie!!!

Love Mini

ps...the sun is actually shinning today:D
Ooh, I don't feel very well!

Karion - Twasn't neat, twas with slimline tonic
And some nuts, and some chicken breast.

But silly me, that was all I had for the whole day. No wonder I am feeling a tad on the poorly side.

Back to SSing today for me just to detox!

Got lunch out with parents tomorrow, but will stick to meat and veg and no dessert:( , then back on SSing for a couple of days to get my ar$e into gear for Christmas.

Well done Mini, Sonkie and all the other sober persons around.

I am never, ever going to drink again! :eek: (yeah....right)
Well, praps not never, ever, but not for a week at least:p
nuts and chicken breast. Not too bad. Okay..perhaps the nuts.
Back to SSing today for me just to detox!

This is nice. I don't have any Cambridge stuff. I could get some.

Contact CDC to make appointment. Get weighed so I can report damage :( Give account of the error of my ways (which will all be documented)

Wait for contact in 3 days from CDC asking how I'm getting on. Report that I have eaten this and that...cos I only wanted to ss for a while.

Explain to DH why I'm getting CD again, when I promised this would be the last diet.

Then make sure I have them all before the date expires.

Ack....I love my ex-CDC. She was wonderful, but I'd just love to have an neverending supply that only I know about.