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Morning everyone! Can someone help?


Want to be a yummy mummy!

Well I only lost a pound this week - not too happy - but all I can do is keep drinking the water and hope for a better loss next week.

Ok so I have a problem - again!!!

Has anyone here heard of Baumhouse? They are an online Birkenstock shop in Germany, selling cheap Birkenstocks. Anyway I had to send some back as I ordered the wrong size. A few days after sending them back, I received an email saying the Company had been bought out and anything ordered before that date would still be dealt with by them, anything after would be the new Company!

So anyway, it will be 3 weeks this Thursday that I sent them back, I have waited for them to send me a postage invoice so that I can get the right size sent back to me. I have emailed them about 3 times, and heard nothing back!!

I have emailed the new Company who are adamant that they will not deal with my enquiry as it has nothing to do with them - im at my wits end with it, I've had enough with waiting for things, if its not my sisters camera its another thing!

Its £50 odd quids worth of Birkenstocks - 2 pairs - I have PAID for them already.

Is there anywhere I can report this to? I just dont know what to do I am not getting any response and they have my goods. I tried calling but it rings then goes onto a fax tone.

Sorry for the completely off topic post but u r all so helpful!

Unreal x
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Step away from the chips!
I don't know if this will help, but this is contact details I found on a website for them:

Toll-Free : 00800-228264687

These numbers do not seem to be the same as the ones on their website so you might have more luck if you try these??


Want to be a yummy mummy!
Well finally I got an email back! I kicked up a right fuss to the new company and didnt accept the fact that she could not email anyone or contact anyone, and hello i got an email from Baumhouse which was a coincidence so maybe she got tired of my moaning and forwarded it on!

Bad news is I cant get a replacement i just have to get a refund now!

Thanks for your help girls.

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