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morning ladies ''SHELLSHOCKED''


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Morning everyone when the credit crunch has truely hit Dubai my oh came home last night with a letter of termination from immedite effect so we dunno what the next step is. To say lm numb is a understatment gave up everything to start a new life here just have to see what happens cant eat "maybe a good thing" have a nice day where ever you are lol
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Hi Ann, Really sorry to here about your news. Hope something comes up really soon for you all. Keep Strong.


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Im so sorry to hear your news sasha esp bad when you have moved countries:eek: ,ive been goin thru much the same thing for the past month when we were told our shop was either bein sold or it was redundacy..completely outta the blue aswell:mad:
Try to eat as if you dont that can wreck the diet & you have dun great so far xx


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really sorry to hear about your husbands job Ann, i really hope he finds something else soon xxx


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What sh*te news, Hope he finds something soon xx


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Sorry to hear the news - keep the chin up mate and keep us posted - hope something comes along and quick..


Hiya Chucks!!
How awful...bet your so shocked.
Hope things pick up quickly for you and your OH finds something else very soon.x


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Sasha I wish I had a magic wand that could make this blasted recession go away! Im so sorry to hear your news, try and eat something, you need to keep your strength up! Hugs from Dublin!


love it
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I just want to echo what everyone else has said, really sorry to hear you bad news and hope you can get things sorted. i guess the worse bit is them not having told you what happens next??


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Hi Ann

Sooooooooooooo sorry to hear about your news. It must be dreadful. Keep your chin up. I know it may not feel like it right now but something will come along. I have gone through similar, although not in a differfent country. Keep your chin up and please try and eat.
Let us know how everything goes.

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What a scary thing to have happened - and so quickly.

Really sorry to hear about your OHs job - has he been in it long enough for any redundancy to tide you over or does that not exist out there?

Try to stay positive xx

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