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Morning Ladies :)

After my successful wi yesterday i am full of the joys of spring and ready to face the day!

On the downside i have training all day today which will no doubt be long winded and drawn out!

Whats everyone else upto today? Hope you all have a great day :)
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Morning...I'm at the usual...housework, school runs etc etc etc

But its my Dads birthday so mMam and Dad are coming over when kids get home for some birthday cake...which I won't have of course!!!!
Morning Ladies - was having withdrawal symptons from not being on the site. H2B was off Monday and Tuesday due to a strike where he works and so I couldn't do CS. But I did weigh myself and I am down 2lbs since last week and that is not being on CS for over 2.5 weeks. :D

I am going in to hospital on Tuesday for 3 days as I went to a specialist yesterday and he is going to try a new procedure on my fibroids. I am to go in Tuesday, have an MRI and then on Wednesday have the "embolization" done and hopefully be home on Thursday. He said that the procedure should be relatively low pain but that for 3 days afterwards I will need very very strong painkillers.

Do you think that I should wait and restart CS after I get out of hospital or should I do it for 3 days this week (don't do weekends on it) and then restart when I get out? I don't know what to do!!!:(
I'm not as experienced as others on the forum...but I don't think you should do CS if you are on very strong painkillers....I could be wrong though, just my opinion ;)
Thanks Deegirl. I am sitting here toying with myself....do I have a normal cereal brekkie or do I have a shake? Think that I should really wait till I get back from hospital to restart the CS. :confused:
wait till you get back from the hospital, then you know everythings all sorted and you can focus purely on CS.
id wait till id had the op then restart you wont feel like yourself for a few days so no point putting stress on yourself
I agree LV you don't want to give yourself added stress and pressure give yourself a break til after the op :)
Mornin all :)

Last day of work for the week today so its Friday for me woohoo! I'm off to Bournmouth for hen weekend tomorrow which I am both looking forward to and dreading at the same time! There will be lots of booze of course and lots of eating out so gonna have to try really hard to make good choices. The fact that I will be surrounded by lots of skinny minnies should keep me focused though I know I am gonna feel like a whale next to them all!

Hope you all have a great day today :) x
love the new pic curvey :)

have a good day
Ah thanks hun :)

Hows your day been ?

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