Morning peeps!

Discussion in 'JUDDD / Intermittent Fasting' started by Stirky7, 25 October 2009 Social URL.

  1. Stirky7

    Stirky7 Believe!

    Good Sunday morning peeps! :wavey:

    How is everybody today? Did you all remember to put your clocks back last night? Extra hour in bed, pah, it just meant the kids woke up earlier lol!

    DD for me today, but really don't think that'll be much of a problem lol! Not feeling too well :jelous:

    Hope everybody else is ok!
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  3. Ellie65

    Ellie65 Silver Member

    Good morning Stirky how are you? all good I hope. Our paths havent crossed in a while I hope you are doing well.

    Yes I remembered to put my clock back!!!
  4. Aaleigha

    Aaleigha Gold Member

    our clocks have been changed - cant get away without remembering when MiL demands attention of son to go and change hers for her - she uses about half the house and has a clock in every room - why she has clocks in unused rooms I havent worked out

    but that didnt mean the dogs let us sleep in they were awake at 7am well their bodies thought it was 7 but of course it was 6 really
    so I have been up cooking the prechristmas experiments :)
    done two lots of fudge - peanut treats and chocolate delights - good job its an up day for me
  5. Stirky7

    Stirky7 Believe!

    Hi Ellie! Yes we must catch up hun, hope all is going well for you x

    Aaleigha, I'm coming to yours for Christmas!!! Or of course can just pop up to be your taster, lol! x
  6. Aaleigha

    Aaleigha Gold Member

    Devon isnt far away is it
    if I put the recipes on here you can do your own - it always pays to do a test run of new recipes - I then make up hampers for all the friends and families I give too
    nice and personal and reasonably cheap
    just make sure it is presented nicely - much better than giving chocolates or a tin of biscuits :)
  7. Ellie65

    Ellie65 Silver Member

    All good thanks Stirky xxxx
  8. Stirky7

    Stirky7 Believe!

    That's a really good idea for christmas pressies, bet everybody loves them! Yes put your recipies on, would love to try some :) x

    Glad everything is good Ellie! x
  9. soozsb

    soozsb Xmas goal, here I come!

    I hope you're feeling better stirky7, how is your DD going?
  10. Stirky7

    Stirky7 Believe!

    Thanks Soozsb, feeling bit better now but done absolutely nothing all day apart from a bit of washing! DD has gone really well today as didn't really feel like anything, but thought I'd better have some dinner lol.

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