morning percy.x


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morning hun, how are you doing??
Good thanks Susan..Had a large wine binge at the weekend thanks to kev buying me 6 bottles of Pinot!, Could've saved them but oh no...Am supposed to have weigh in today but need to change it to Monday as I'm off to Northampton with work.
Will call him at a more reasonable hour to rearrange. I've asked kev not to buy me anymore presents like that, although I did enjoy them..
How about you, is Lewis feeling better?
LOL you and your wine.

Yes Lewis is better thankyou, Paul has got man flu so hes been going around growling at the kids

I had my 1st ww wi and lost 1lb, Im will be really happy if I lose 1lb a week on it .xx
Well done on the 1lb, it can't be easy changing over. I'm away with work so have put weigh day back until Monday, on the straight and narrow again now though. have my packs/blender and water with me. Have told Kev no drinking this weekend. I don't want to I'm just week.
Sorry to hear Paul is under the weather now, if it's not one it's the other eh?
talk to you soon