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Morning slimmers


Strong women stay slim
Well today is a new day for me , what i did was go shopping starving , and yes came home and eat , two thin slices of pizza , then chicken , and it just went out of control from there i have put 2 pounds on , well now its time to be good again , just doing 1 shake breakfast and lite lunch and lite dinner , but yesterday i eat for all of you ARRRRRRRRRR
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Just write it off and get back on track again, I`m sure most of us have been there.
Its best not to dwell on it and just move on lol


Strong women stay slim
yes how true , by me feeling down will just make me turn to food thinking its the answer when its NOT . Thanks sarah !


Strong women stay slim
Hi Saffron , thats a good idea , been on a bit now , and my daughtes just got up so will have to sort her for now , but i'll be back hehe . Thanks
As Saffron said hun, just jump back on the wagon and post on the hour by hour thread for hourly support.


I can do this.
Don't worry, just put it behind u and start fresh today. I was starving yesterday but managed to fight it off, but it's so easy to give in,. Good luck.
aw bless you, its good not to dwell on it though and move on todays a new day and your going to do fantastically! :)
Hi MissLeo, try not to worry too much love. These things happen. I've had many a blip now, but I do get myself back on track. And look forward to doing so because I know I'll be losing the weight.

Try getting yourself into the frame of mind where, yes you've had a mistake but yes you can also get back into the swing of Cambridge. Try and think back to what you would've ate before starting this diet? Bet it would have been alot worse than what you did have ;)

Don't worry, we all go through it. I bet you still lose!! xx


Strong women stay slim
Thanks for all your replys to me, everyone , (arcticmonekeys , yes if i thought of how i used to eat to how i eat now , is very different , even when i've had a bad day i eat nowhere near what i used to on bad days . I'm doing ok today ,feeling thirsty today . Hope everyone is coping well!!
and yes came home and eat , two thin slices of pizza ,
how did u manage to stop yourself at only 2 slices???
I would defo have had the whole thing

well done


Strong women stay slim
Well............. hehe cos it had to go round more ways than ONE hehe , it was not even ment for me , my son said hey wheres the rest of the pizza hehe yes its so hard to stop yourself and its so good when eating goodies but next time i'm just going to run out of the house , even if naked ARRRRR lol Just so i can't eat this kind of food , its not doing me anygood
Just stay away from the goodies.
My OH works away in the week so i find it easy to resist as there is nothin in the house.
I just need to make sure that if he buys any food at the weekend then he eats it all before going back to work monday

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