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I thought I saw this yesterday?
To be honest, you are restricted to diet coke, diet lemonade, or slimline tonic. Any diet mixer really.

How about a white wine and soda if you don't like diet coke. You can make the syns go a lot further. Other than that you will have to use syns on mixers - or alternatively, get used to diet coke???


Onwards and downwards!
Morning Christie! I'm feeling fab this morning too. Sorry, don't really drink much myself so cant help on that front, but hope you have a great night out :D
nooo def not drinkin diet coke n have to work 2moro so no wine lol il jus drink vodka with sumthin lol, drinks never made any difference with my weight loss b4 as i dont do it every single weekend so im not worryin to much xx
Morning :)

I don't like diet coke as a mixer either! One thing you could do is get them to add a squeeze of fresh lemon or lime juice (has to be fresh) and soda, it makes it really nice and refreshing :)

Have fun! :D

Kay x
thanks i will :)maybe drink vodka blackcurrant and water, the bar wont do the no added sugar one lol but not much else i can do lol its big step up for me as i usually drink breezers lol, but to be honest im quite lucky that drink doesnt hinder my weight loss never has, wud be different if i was doin it all the time but i dont, altho i do have my downfalls sum weeks hehe.. im gona enjoy me sw meal for tea and then have gud nite out :)xx

Mrs V

Loves Life!
Morning, I wish that I could add something helpful to the mixtures list, but as I don drink anymore I can't!!! When I go out, it's normally pints of soda water or diet coke for me!
i wish i cud be as good as that lol but when im out i need a wee tipple hehe gonna enjoy it tho as the rest of the weekend wil be quiet for me :) altho im wrkin 2mro think i may be slightly hungover woops hehe, i never usually save syns unless im havin wee drink so i have 33 to use tonight :) and the dinner im makin is completely syn free, gonna be yummy :) maybe have a wee chinese sat night, low in syns of course :) hehe xxx

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