Morrisons "suggestive" meat!


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in these times of budgeting I have found a fab new (well to me anyway)lean meat. Morrisons sell pork loin.Its in their fresh meat section. I have paid about £2.60 for a chunk about 10" long of nearly fat free pork. I have put it in casserole dish after browning it first. Chopped an onion up really finely dry fried that, made up2 tbls of stuffing mix with about pint of water and chicken stock cube. Smell in my kitchen right now is delish!! Plan is to add a few gravy granules to the "sauce" and than make a Sunday dinner with it. I will check on PP for the pork but as its so lean I'm hoping it won't be too high. And not only that as there is only me and DH for dinner the loin was chopped in half so I will get another dinner from it too. Result all around. I will let you know the full taste test later but if it tastes anywhere near as good as it smells this could well be my find of the year. And as for the title of this thread...well go into Morrisons and look for it. It will all make sense then. Very "oooh Matron" lol
The pork was absolutely lovely. Only downside was that I couldn't slice it as it just fell apart. Will be stocking up on more of this definetly.
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