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most emotional weekend ever!!!


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:cry:eek:mg, went london with matt and his mum for marathon, matt was up getting dressed to leave for marathon.... i went for wee, blood in toilet and on tissue. started crying,,,, so scared, matt was just popping into give me kiss bye, saw blood, sooo guilty/shocked , didnt know what to do. i told him to go run, he been training for year. anyway, i rang nhs direct they sent me to london royal walk in centre!!!
i went walk in centre with matts mum, midwife said give up my pregnacare pills and only take folic acid... so started crying thinking id done something wrong... she said cant check baby till 11am today .... i went to mile 12 to check matt ok, so worried he wouldnt finish race if he thought we lost baby....so soon as i saw him i was a mess crying loads, he had to continue to 23... saw him 23 said we got emergency scan in morning, at mile 26.2, i was in tears crying so loud. calmed down and had rest.. anyway 11am i saw at hospital and heard heatbeat....... baby was ok, blood slowed down , baby is 8 weeks not 9 and midwife told me to bed rest so ive been told to stay in bed!!!! just letting u all know... :cry:
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Oh my goodness what an emotional day for you. I'm glad it turned out ok in the end.
I hope the bed rest does you the world of good. And everything is ok through the rest of the pregnancy xx

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I will do this!
rest and try not to stress, not easy I know. I'm almost due and didn't feel baby for 1 hour today and went mad! lol... I guess it's part of the motherhood prep, stressing over nothing, we can't help it! take care x


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im ok, bored and hate spending time doing nothing, thanks everyone, i never ever cried so much when i thought id lost baby...
What a horrible time. Glad all was ok with the baby. Did she give u a reason on why to stop pregnacare? my mw did say today wither take pregnacare on its own, or folic acid an vit d. x
went to doctor today and i can stay on pregnacare but im on amitriptyline which needs dosage lowering
If your meds is because of your moods, Sertaline and prozac are the best for pregnancy. I had to up my anti depressant due to changes in hormones and stuff and the prenataul psychatrist says it is safe to do so. I have also read loads of positive stories on line as well with sertaline :)
It's cos of headaches, it started at 20 mg now I'm 10 so lowest u can have,
Bad discharge today , rang midwife, she said go docs asap, went docs now on antibiotics for possible infection and another week bedrest!!!
Oh I'm sorry u had such an awful time, glad u saw your little baby though! Enjoy the rest, you'll wish u did a few months from now ;)

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