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Mothers Day mess up

I started Dukan a week last sunday and was delighted to lose 6lb in my first week, unfortunatley it was then mothers day and I slipped up on our meal out!

I had melon for starters, only a couple of slivers!
Then had Hake with veg, no potatoes.
But then couldnt resist pud and had chocolate fudge cake oops!
Also had 2 glasses of white wine spritzer.
I had my galette late afternoon and some turkey meatloaf for supper.

The whole 6lbs went back on, but I figured I hadnt really been that bad as it was really only a few hundred calories, I expected after a day or so I would return to 6lb loss weight. But as yet I've only lost 4lbs of this 6lbs despite having 2PP days and 1PV day since.

Do I just need to be patient or should I redo 3 days attack?

Thanks in advance for any opinions/advice.

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I would say, from a calorie/water retention point of view, give it a few days. It always happens to me. I go for a meal, my weight goes up then after a few days of lighter eating I return completely to normal. Don't weight yourself right after large meals because then you panic when you see the number - I've learned this after many months of dieting :D

best of luck xxx
i would carry on how you are , dont go back to attack it wont help ....just take it as a lesson learnt , up the water and more protein


** Chief WITCH **
As you've seen, IOMY, calories have little to do with this diet, particularly at the outset where it's far more likely to be mainly excess water which you lost so quickly.

I agree with Scrumps - continue with your alternate days and mark this down to experience for the next time you're in a restaurant ;)

Why not join in properly and open a diary and post your menus.

Good luck!

Thanks everyone for your comments, I knew it wasnt a proper weight gain, just water retension (or similar!)Although I am still stuck at 12st 5 when I had got to 12st 3.

Not really a diary person, but dont mind entering a couple of days menus for your consideration!

B - Galette ( I make 2 days mixture with 1 egg & cook as required)
L - Turkey Meatloaf (taken from Em's Diary) & Muller Light Vanilla Yogurt
T - Think its going to be Cod & Veg and proberbly another yogurt!

I drink lots of Tea during the day and Have a 1.5l bottle of water that I drink throughout the day/evening.

Do you think I'm overdoing it on the yogurts? I have been having 2 servings most days.



** Chief WITCH **
If your weight loss doesn't speed up, you could swap a Muller (which are double size anyway) for some plain fat free fromage frais perhaps... otherwise nothing obvious there (except you're missing veg at lunchtime?)
Thanks Joanne,

I do tend to keep lunch time all protein as I dont decide if its a PP/PV day til teatime! Is this likely to be a stumbling block?
I have onken yogurts mainly at home as they are too large to take to work, muller are just for conveinience. I do have the odd Activia yogurt but they are fruit so I do try not to!



** Chief WITCH **
Well a PV day is supposed to be just that. A day (ok breakfast is tough, but lunch and dinner would be normal...).

The best rhythm in Cruise, so as not to get too bored or (ahem) "bunged up", is to alternate PP and PV days... [my own idea would be to do this six days a week, and do a mishmash the seventh so that you can plan in advance to always, say, have Mondays as PP, etc. Makes socialising easier also to know that, say, every Saturday is PV]
Thanks everyone for your support, I am now back at my pre mess up weight!
I can now work on the remaining 22lbs! I still think 6lbs in just under 2 wks is good!

Fridays menu :-
B galette
L turkey meatloaf and muller light vanilla yogurt
D home made beef burgers salad with 1 egg and cottage cheese
Drinks lots of tea and 1.5l water

Today (Saturday)
B muffins in natural yogurt
L turkey meat loaf and cottage cheese
S onken vanilla yogurt
D chicken strips
Drinks lots of tea not much water so far so will go and drink some now!

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