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motivating monday

Hi guys.
thought i would start todays thread as i am feeling so good this morning i am positively glowing :D.
Day 2 of restart for me (my 3rd and final restart i should add :)).
i am celebrating the fact that :
a) i got through day one 100%
b) i woke up feeling refreshed instead of feeling like i havent slept ( how i usually feel in the morning)
c) i jumped on the scales ( i know , i know, i cant help it :eek: ) and i have lost 4lbs in one day whoop whoop.
have no major plans for the day today.
just going to chill and keep reminding myself to drink water.
i managed just over 4 litres in the end yesterday which was a great achievement for someone who usually consumes a maximum of a litre ( bad girl ).
hope everyone has a great day. i cant stop smiling... it was soooooo worth the hunger pangs yesterday, even if i have them all day today i can remember the fact that this diet is worth the pangs and then some :D.
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yay well done at getting through the first day .. another 3 or 4 days and you will be flying :)

I have got weigh in this morning , time to face the music :sigh: after being poorly and off plan for 5 days , my scales showed a 9 lb gain yesterday and this morning that has dropped to about 5 .. so will see what my CDC's scales show :( hey ho , I was 100 % again yesterday and will soon get back on track :D

So after weigh in I have no plans apart from trying to catch up on the ton of washing i seem to accumulated over the last few days , playing with the kids and chilling with my book and laptop :D

I am not working again until 9.45 pm on wednesday so should be back in ketosis by then and am planning a totally 100% week then onto 810 next week

Hope everyone else has a great monday :)


Why Be Normal?
Morning Katie and Cheryl --

@Cheryl -- Well Done on making it through the first day! And, in a few days you'll be in ketosis and if you feel hungry you can tell yourself that you are not really physically hungry and examine what is the issue. (Very theraputic.)

@Katie -- A nice relaxing catch up day is what I need, too. My DD is at school, and my DS can fend for himself (he's 19 and is studying).
I have a meeting with my CDC at 11:30 (it got bumped from 10, so I am holding off on having a meal until then: very hungry, though).

I will get on the Wii (I have been saying this all month and even bought a new Zumba thing for it... and joined a challenge which I have done only 15 minutes towards). Bad me! Then, get ready to go to the meeting, then come home and CLEAN, Cook, etc... and then tonight I will Aquafit!!!

Morning all, I am also feeling rather good for a Monday morning, well quite a busy weekend with family(not out little Taurus 3) issues that I could have easily used to eat, including emptying my family home for the final time..............but no wasn't even tempted and somehow lost 3lb over weekend so 21lbs in 21 days!!!!!
However before I begin to sound like a sickening cd swot I am off plan Fri,sat, sun and Mon at Euro Disney....but I am prepared for a hefty gain which I aim to lose in 2 weeks.
I am so glad I started this diet before my E.Dis break as I would have been an extra half stone heavier than my start weight before I even got to ED (at least) then add the holiday weight and I would be seriously in need of seat belt extension, should be ok as have flown at this weight in 2009.
Good luck everyone, and Katie bet your 5lbs be gone by Friday(if not before) x


skinny jeans-im on my way
ive just ordered the family trainer game for the wii,kids have played it at a friends and loved it,i hope i do too!
weigh in for me at 12,feeling confident,i have no scales here,but ive been 100% all week,so should be a good one.dentist again after weigh in,have to have a filling,oh well,should keep my mind off food!


Why Be Normal?
@Mrs T --

This is going to sound (read) like a lecture, but please do not take it like that -- it is really just a sharing of what I did/do and plan to to do on holiday.

There is no reason to go entirely "off plan" unless you paid for all inclusive (then I would have to indulge -- I paid for it afterall LOL).

On holiday, I brought my shakes, hand blender and adaptor plug thing, plus bars with me when I went. (I bought bottled water locally.) I had a shake for breakfast, carried a bar for lunch (and water) and did a kind of 810 healthy choice meal for dinner (low carb) -- I lost weight and had a meal out every day.

I sent my DH down with my DD for breakfast and took my own sweet time getting showered and dressed whilst they were out (and had my shake with a coffee). We made "quick stop" fast food for lunch and I had a coffee with my bar, and then we had a nice dinner out.

Holidays do not need to be damaging... and I had a wonderful time without feeling like rubbish from eating foods I'd been avoiding or blowing all my previous hard work.

MM I love the idea of sending Mr and Master T down for breakfast for some me time!!!!!!! However I have paid for breakfast, I was thinking of more protein based meals e.g bacon and eggs for breakfast, chicken salads for lunch and steak for evening meals....have also paid in advance for birthday lunch at Cafe Mickey. Also seems like there is a heck of a lot to do at Euro Dis than just sit in bars or cafes.
No your advice was not a lecture and as I say I love, love, love the idea of using the diet as an excuse for me time in the morning....I shall be using it in due course, any more ideas how to gain extra me time from the diet are very welcome!!!!! xxx


Why Be Normal?
Hi Mrs. T --

The high protein low carb ought to do little damage. My DH is losing about 3 pounds a week on the South Beach diet. I am only losing about 2 on CD. :(

I'll work on the me time thing... I am pretty good at trying to get that for myself. (I call it mental health breaks! LOL)

MM , the wii is a great idea I will get the wii fit out later and have a nice toning evening :)

Mrs T , I am jelous , enjoy Euro Disney , we are hoping to start saving soon to go in a couple of years when the kids can both appreciate it ( they are 4 and 1 at the moment) , let us know how you get on :)

Ruby , hope your filling goes ok :eek:

well I have been to WI , gained 4 lb so not too bad , I know that I can loose that in the next 3-4 days and then maybe even a lb or 2 on top for next week :) I have a bosting headache today so drinking plenty and will have some paraceltamols and grit my teeth through the next few days :)


please try again
euro disney, wow hope you have a fabulous time mrs t
would love to go there, the adverts have been on alot recently and madams started to take notice and tell me she wants to go, would love to take her but theres no way i would be able to get a passport for her

today will be filled with chores, paying bills and the shopping. thing is im procrastinating and cant get my butt away from the computer
euro disney, wow hope you have a fabulous time mrs t
would love to go there, the adverts have been on alot recently and madams started to take notice and tell me she wants to go, would love to take her but theres no way i would be able to get a passport for her

today will be filled with chores, paying bills and the shopping. thing is im procrastinating and cant get my butt away from the computer
pay your bills and do y6our shopping online then you dont need to get your butt away from the computer !!! lol
Thanks for those Euro Dis well wishes, must admit am bit nervous, have read mixed reviews and Mr T keeps muttering that he would have preferred a week in Tenerife.....baah Humbug I tell him, our little rascal won't be able to have his b'day at Euro Dis once he starts full time school next year...so its now or never!
Also got a good deal,although I have been warned its a rip off once they've lulled you in with a transport and accommodation deal.

However whatever its like, I am selfishly looking forward to 4 days of just us 3, where my brother will be the one getting any calls from care-home about Dad, and Mr T's family (that seem to forget he has an exceptionally demanding job...oh yep and a life) will just have to cope without him for a few days.....bliss x

However will report back on trip next Tues x
I have only heard great things about euro disney , apart from cost !!!

I have just had my first pack and am now feeling really hungry , so instead of the nice chilling day , i am going to sort all my clean washing out and tidy my kitchen cupboards to keep me busy :sigh:
I've been 16 times lol and it's great, not as good as Florida but still pretty good, make use of the breakfast if it's included in your package as food can be quite expensive and remember chips is crisps in France lol, you will have a brilliant time but take warm clothes as it can be bitterly cold and make sure you go on the ride It's a Small World, you're little one will love it xxx
So hungry today! Proper trying to pull myself away from the kitchen! Keep thinking ohh I want this and that! But I'm feeling really down and stressed today and just utter rubbish :( just had some porridge and still hungry, think it's cause I'm feeling so rubbish :(


skinny jeans-im on my way
woo hooo! 10lbs gone for good! hoping for another 4 next week to make it a nice stone yay!
also had my filling done and that was fine too,got a numb face now,but hey ive lost 10 lbs !
Congrats Ruby -- Fab Loss!

@Kimmie and Katie -- I'm feeling a bit cold and glum. I'll do some chores and try to knock something off my never ending "to do" list and that might perk me up.

@Claire -- Does she need a passport to go from the UK to France? Especially if you do one of those coach trip things? Can you still add your minor childre to your passport in this country?

I met with my CDC and she shows a 4 pound loss... so her scales match mine!! However, I'm not changing my ticker (hers weighed me heavy last week, and went with my own scales for a Sunday Weigh in -- as I do not move my scales about and they are accurately calibrated). So, under 11 1/2 stone... but have 2 stone to go.

Note: Made myself a little beauty treatment appointment as a "reward". Going to have my brows shaped and tinted (and upper lip waxed -- it is not bad as I am blond, but in the light I can see the fuzz).


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