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*** Motivational Monday - Hour by Hour ***


Well ladies (and gents) its the start of another week, and I hope your motivation is high. :D

Just think, sticking this week 100% could see a great loss on the scales, a drop in inches and for some dropping a dress size maybe? Or edging into the next stone bracket. Some lucky peeps might even get goal!

Anyway - Today I'd like you to set a small weekly goal, just for this week. It doesn't even have to be CD related, something like "I will get off 2 bus stops early on way home and walk" or " This week I'm decluttering my old clothes". Alternatively "This week I'm taking it 100% day by 100 % day, no picking!"

Just an idea.

Forgot to put mines in!
"This week I am going to be 100% and walk from placement back to town centre (about 20 minutes)"

I'm about to head off in just a mo once I finish my shake, so have a great day ladies and I'll see you tonight or maybe tomorrow!

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hI EVERYONE, up earlier this morning, getting ready for my 2 interviews even though I cant speak!!! Yes, Im still without a voice and throat is worse than ever. I feel awful. Havent even exercised in 4days:(. Anyway, i think your idea of setting little goals for the week is great LEXIE. Mine is to get back into ketosis asap (after taking med with sugar in it) and get back on the treadmill by Wed.... the sun is shining this morning which feels great(even if I dont) and puts me in a more positive mood>wish me luck with the interviews.Here is to 100%!
Have a great day everyone. Will be back later.:)


Stubborn tortoise
Hi Lexie, have a great day... and enjoy the walk!

Welland, hope that throat eases up soon and best of luck for your interviews. Don't be in too much of a rush to get back on that treadmill... getting better is more important.



Loving losing
Bonjour All

Sorry you are still not well Welland - hope the interview goes well and they give you the sympathy vote!

Lexie - great idea, mine is to spend just 10 mins a day on the Wii fit doing the step aerobics as a token gesture of exercise. Will struggle to get any longer using the TV anyway!!!

Katy, trust you are still smiling being at goal!!!

Have a lovely day ladies...for me it is SATs week at school so very peaceful, my little one doing them too. And today it is Media GCSE for Mr IKEA.

Off to to drag him out of the bathroom - I swear tennage boys are worse than girls for bathroom time!!!

Bye for now



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Morning ladies.

Sorry to hear you're still unwell, wellandgood (or should that be 'NotSoWellandGood'...?)

Loving the mini-goals idea Lexie, great motivational too.

Katy, just spotted your ticker- 0.5lbs BELOW! OMG hun, well done! I bet you feel amazing. You were probably one of the first people I spoke to when I joined minimins and have been a real inspiration, help and a friend. I'm so happy for you- I hope I'll be joining you in maintenance in a few months time :)

Ibiza- Bonjour vous jolie dame de perte! ;)

I ended up at the hospital last night seeing the out of hours GP. I was feeling so crappy and h2b was worrying because I was acting a bit spaced out. Turns out the tonsillitis is now coupled with a chest infection :( :( I'm not sure they've diagnosed me correctly, those GPs seem to tell you anything to get you out of their surgery as quickly as possible. I've got my GP coming out to visit me today, so we'll see what she says, but the emergency GP wants me stop doing CD until I've recovered. I tried to explain that I'd struggle to get all the vits and mins I'd need if I came off CD since I can't swallow, but he was having none of it. Maybe I can step up to SS+ so I'm getting some 'substance'??

I'm well and truly out of ketosis, I've been having honey and lemon drinks, and when I realised I'd barely had any water yesterday I panicked and drank 500ml of Lucozade. Not sure why I did it, and not very happy with myself but I'm 100% on the food side of things, and I'm not hungry because I feel so crappy, so it shouldn't I'm out of ketosis. I'll still be loooooooosing.


Stubborn tortoise
Oh Lisa... big hugs. What more can I say?



Cambridge Consultant
Morning everyone..
Im at work today. so going to be around lots..
Lexie fab idea. setting mini goals..

OMG Katy...... when did you sneakly get to goal.. you kept the quiet missy.. Well done you thats amazing. Have you been jumping around!!!! I would be .. WOW.. so happy for you..

Welland - hope your feeling better soon take it easy.

Lisa big hugs to you sweetie you really are suffering........ I hope you are on the mend very soon .

Oh no Sarah have I got it all to look forward to .. with the boys!! lol

Well whats my goal for the week..... hmm.. I really want to lose 3 pounds on wed as it will take me to 3 1/2 stone.. and I think I need to start doing some situps..

I put on some trousers which I bought recently for work.. size 14 and hadnt worn them yet and put them on today and feel good in them and I look slimmer in them today than the bigger ones that have been hanging on me...... as in my head I was scared to put the 14s on incase they were tight.. I said to Rich (my husband) this morning do they look tight say they rip.... I knew they didnt look tight and I new I looked slim in them. (sorry Im not vain).. but I did feel good . Got to work and so many people came up to me saying look at you skinny.. feels good although I do get embarrased..


Skinny girl in a fat body
Good morning. Ohh to all you ladies who are still ill. I hope you begin to feel better soon. I have got a throbbing headache today and I AM SOOOOO HUNGRY. Why does that happen do you think? How can you just all of a sudden be hungry? I would hate to be ill whilst on this diet so my sympathies go out to you - I just couldn't do it, you are very brave. I think I am going to need the forum today becasue of my hunger. I don't want to eat so I will need to type instead lol


Stubborn tortoise
Curly, at last WI on thurs I was .2 of a lb above target... got a digi scales as suggested by JessRabbit & over weekend hit 11, then today just under. So not official... but good enough for me! Won't be weighed again for about a month, as heading off overseas tomorrow... eek. So getting to goal is extra special!!!



Cambridge Consultant
Curly, at last WI on thurs I was .2 of a lb above target... got a digi scales as suggested by JessRabbit & over weekend hit 11, then today just under. So not official... but good enough for me! Won't be weighed again for about a month, as heading off overseas tomorrow... eek. So getting to goal is extra special!!!

Wow I am so happy for you thats amazing!! Did you dance around.. We can have a getting to target party for you one night!!! LOL I so dont know what I will do when I get to target.. I really am so so happy for you !!! Well done you have done so well xxxx


Gold Member
Good morning all :D Really sorry a few of you are poorly :( Rest up and hope you get better asap xx

I've not much planned for the day, just housework and maybe a walk to the shop if I need some fresh air :)

Have a good day all xxx


Slimming down the aisle
Good morning everyone! My goal for this week is to stay 100% and make sure I do extra exercise every day whether that's wii fit yoga, my fitness trainer, a walk, gym, my dance workout dvd, whatever! Anything to get those lbs and inches shifted!!
My target for this week is to step up the exercise and walk to school to do my pick ups.
Morning all!

Sorry peeps are feeling down, hope you feel better soon!
Well, my goal for this week is to get into the 18s. Come on!!!!


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Morning ladies,
Late start for me on the forum front but I'm just back from my mums and babies group, it's a bit of a thought getting organised but it's fun when we get there!

I'm making a meal and pudding for my mums birthday on Fri and I'm baking tomorrow so my goal is no picking! I've decided that I will have a SS+ meal on Friday so my other goal is to enjoy it and not feel guilty as it will be a planned out and weighed meal.

Well done Katy on the loss, you must feel amazing! keep up the good work when you're away, will you still be able to check in on minimins?

Lisa&welland hope you get better soon!

Curly well done on the 14's!!

I tried on some stuff yesterday and I didn't realise how much I've put on since getting married, think I've still onother 1 1/2 stone to go before I'm at my pre-wedding weight.wonder if I can do that by the end of June?
Hope everyone feels better really soon!!!
I need motivating folks!!! Turned up at my WI only to realise I was a day early and CDC wasn't there! I was soooo psyched up as I've been 100% all week. I was going to have myself a small chicken salad meal tonight, and now I can't because I havn't been weighed yet. Just had a text from CDC and she said she doesn't know when she can fit me in next. GGGGGGGGGGRRRRRRRRRRRRR xxx


Slimming down the aisle
Can you not see her when she had you booked in for tomorrow?

My goal so far is going well! I've done about 15 minutes of yoga, then 30 minutes on a dance workout DVD. I might go to the gym later too, where is all this exercise motivation coming from?! It's probably wanting to fit into my damn dress I bought that was smaller than it said!


Slimming down the aisle
So you have your own scales at all that you can do your own WI? Do you have enough packs and stuff?
ok ive stepped up the motivation, ive just ordered the Ab King Pro ahhhh why did I do that haha, then I ordered a latino ten minute workout dvd, so when they come i will have an hour a day using the machines and the dvd.

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