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Motobike - Low Rider Cruisers anyone?


I know I can do it..
:pI know there was a thread for motorbikes, but that was 2 years ago so I thought I'd pop another in...

I always liked Low Riders Cruisers but always said I was too fat to do my test, and so years went by.

My local pub is owned by a well liked, respected motobike enthusiast who kept showing me magazines and saying he'd gone to spain and saw 'loads of chicks on bikes' and that I should do it regardless. So, I done my theory test ... and then nothing

Got divorced, met my new boyfriend who liked them too and done a 3 day direct access course on July 5th 2007 and both passed!

I am not the proud owner of a Black Kawasaki VN900 Classic and it's an amazing feeling. I love riding with the wind in my face, and open face helmet with sunglasses and a bandana across my nose and mouth. I've got a tassled leather jacket and i'm in my element!

Besides, all that worry about being too fat to ride bikes when... Fat Bikers Bounce Better anyway lol

Anyone else like them?
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Carpe diem, baby!
Guess the more 'extreme' hobbies aren't as popular...I always wanted a motorbike (the faster the better) but with two young kids, that won't be happening until they are older...one day...
Hey Gloria.

Better late than never I suppose! I am a biker lady, although I am more into your head down arse up kinda bike!!

I recently sold my SV650s - the most amazing v-twin, I soo miss it. (Pics in profile album) Thing is, at 5'2" it was too big and too top heavy for me, so I struggled with manouvering it. I was fine riding it, there was no stopping me, but when it came to stopping, parking etc I was like a big girl, lol!

I know your bike, they are gorgeous. You must be well proud! Do you get out on it much?

Hubby has been riding for years. All my ex boyfriends seemed to have bikes too, so I suppose I was destined to ride! I met hubby in Feb 04, he had a really bad off in June 04, but I didn't let that put me off, I did my cbt in the July, then in the September I did my direct access - no looking back!

I want another bike, but it's difficult to find one small enough without dropping engine size. I keep waiting for someone to produce a small sportsbike, it will happen one day I'm sure! If all else fails I may consider a Honda cbr 600, as they are quite small. Am not really a Honda girl though, I like something a bit more feisty. Like an Aprilia - oooh yeah! Hubby has had more bikes than I've had hot dinners, but currently has an 08 R6 and an Aprilia Tuono. He would let me ride either bike, if only I could touch the floor :cry:

Hope you're still enjoying your bike and new found freedom. What's that they say about riding? It's the closest you'll come to flying without leaving the ground......LOVE IT!!!!!!!!

Ride happy, ride safe. :D


PS - Just noticed you're in Wales too! North or South? If South (like me), bet you're a regular in Brecon!
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Purple Hugs

Loves weight.. training!
ok.. seen as it's a quiet thread I thought I'd chuck my tuppence in :)

I always dreamed of having a bike from the age of 5, when my foster sister sat me on hers for the first time :) She'd just got her first bike and had me around the bottom of our block of flats :)

The 'fat biker' had been pretty much comments that my mum had made to me at 16 (would've been a size 14 then..) so when I left home and my then boyfriend wanted to buy me a car to get to and from work, he picked up on my lack of excitement over a fiesta Xr2.. I told him why and for my birthday he bought me a SR125 and CBT lesson! lol

I changed fella (I know but the bike was the best bit and I paid for it financially as well as emotionally), I did my theory and full licence a few years later :) got a lovely old Z440 (had to get it restricted) :) I loved that old bike!! :D I fell pregnant a few months later - my 'baby' is 10 in a couple of weeks time!! lol I sold my bike (through a flood of tears) because I had no garage and we lived on the edge of Manchester (in Salford) where bikes weren't safe for long.. I had a ground anchor that went down 4 foot so that'll tell you what we'd expected.

Really dream of owning a purple peanut shelled chop one day! lol I love 'grunty' bikes :) not into sports bikes I must admit, but if I was rich I'd have a collection of bikes n' cars! lol

I've owned one other bike since then, but it didn't last. One day... one day! ;)

Nothing better than the wind in your face and your lone shadow on the ground.. you and bike :) I'd replaced bike riding with horse riding .. same feeling of wind in your face, same shadow on the ground (slightly different obviously), Jumping gave me the same thrill till I did my back in last year!

So.. for now.. I'm dreaming of riding my pony next year (he's too young to ride right now) :) if my back doesn't hold out.. well I might have to exchange horse power! lol

Enjoy your bike!! Fat or not!! Live life for today :)


Silver Member
Hey :) I'm only 18, and a few days ago I passed my motorcycle theory. I'm soon going to be booking my motorcycle practical test, and I'll be taking that ASAP. I currently ride a little CBR 125, and once I pass I'll be restricted to 33bhp so I'm looking to get a Ninja 250 until my restriction is over. :)

After all that, my goal is to get a CBR 600, by then the insurance premiums should be acceptable (I hope) and I should have lots of experience. I've already ridden my bike for 2 years on the road now and I haven't had an accident yet. Like you said, ride happy and ride safe :)
I ride a Suzuki Burgman 400cc , love going out for rides and no accidents as yet, it is the best feeling whizzing along on a warm day, get a few laughs from local youth as I am a big girl on a giant Scooter but it is great fun to ride and stuff em!

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