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Mousey's Weekly Weigh-in

congrats and good luck on week 2
Hey, looks like I was worrying for nothing yesterday.

It's week 2 WI and I am 97.3 kg or 15 st 5 lbs in old money... so I lost 8lb :)

Best get to work now, just wanted to share.

Way to go Phil. great loss for 2 weeks xx
1st 4lbs in two weeks. Well done.
Fantastic, keep going :) x
Morning, 15 st 3 3/4 lb today at week 3 WI.

Only lost just over a pound, but I did have a massive blow out at the weekend so it's to be expected.

Back on 100% now though so here's to a good week!

Thanks KarazyKat, I decided just to have a check at home this morning after last weekends disaster...

Down to 96.2 kg or 15st 2lb so looks like everything is back on track!!

Here's hoping for another 9lbs by the end of Feb and then I can consider a refeed as mini goal is 14st 7lbs.

Decided it's time to re-feed so this is my last weigh in on TFR...

.... and I'm into the 14's (14st 12lb or 94.4kg in new money).

I'm really pleased as before i started LT I was approaching the 17's and so to be in the 14's is great and a psychological boost.

Thanks for the support everyone, now planning on losing 7lb a month for next 5 months through 2 week re-feed and then WW.

Project: Thin by Thirty is well and truly underway towards a permanent change to a healthier lifestyle!

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Just a quick hello and hope all going well for those on TFR. My first week of refeed went well and stayed the same, now into week 2, have lost 1lb in 3 days so hoping for a steady 2 lb a week here on in.


Cham Pers

size 8 by July
Well done Phil you have done so well to date! Keep us all update its great inspiration! :)
Thanks everyone, 3 weeks of Weight Watchers and still losing weight. Now 14st 7lb and proving to myself that LT gave me the kick start I needed.

Hope everyone else is going strong!

Hello everyone... just thought I'd pop back and let you know how I am.

18 months on from my TFR journey and I'm on track to get to my goal weight.

My weight hasnt dropped as much as I'd like, but Im still lighter than when leaving TFR (by half a stone).

Hope everyone is doing well on their journeys, good luck!

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