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mousse experts & 1st few day ????


MUST get a grip
Hi again,
Anyone a mousse expert - I tried it before and failed miserably???? I'd only want to use it in half a pack ideally so any tips would be great.
Also this is my day 1 and week 1 so I am only on packs should I avoid the mousse for a week?
I've also got water flavours - should I just stick to plain water or are they ok to use so soon? Its all been soooooooo long? :confused::confused::confused:
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I have no idea about using the mousse or the flavours in the first week on CD, as I lost my initial weight with LL. However, LL did not allow the water flavourings for the first week until you were well established into ketosis .... same for the bars, bouillon powder etc etc. Just packs for the first week. CD may be different.

As to making the mousse, the best way I have found is to open the pack, and then add the level scoop of mix-a-mousse to the pack. Fold over the open and and shake like crazy to mix the two powders dry. Then add abount 200ml of ice cold water (I keep a bottle in the fridge solely for this purpose). Blitz with a hand blender for about 2 minutes and then tip out into a bowl. Into the fridge and voila, scummy mousse in about 10 minutes.



MUST get a grip
Its all a bit much....

The first week I mean! So many things to remember! I'll stick to packs and plain water I think before becoming adventurous! I might add the bouillion to soup to make it go further though!
On my initial journey I was in ketosis within about 48hrs so am hoping for the same - well to be a little lighter and in ketosis my Sunday morning!
Just need to get some stix!
Thanks though - when I'm feeling adventurous I'll try out the mousse :)


Sorry to ask a silly question - but what is bouillion? I don't think I've ever seen it in the shops here, but that said, wouldn't know what I was looking for anyway - can anyone help?
It's similar to the official CD vegetable drink apparently, but I've never seen it in shops (maybe I'm looking in the wrong place :p)

O/T - ohmygod the veins on the back of my hand are sticking out! :eek: I've lost weight off my hands! :p
Hehe :p

I found it on Sainsbury's website! :)
Apparently bouillon is with gravy, stock etc.
I shall have a look when I go shopping tomorrow and let you know what it's like :)
Not officially, but it doesn't do any real damage if you have it occasionally - but some people say they feel hungry after having coke zero.


hates diets
its the bubbles they make your tummy feel windy and empty thats why......i cant drink it straight away any how i wisk mine up with a fork first th flatten it a bit.......gives me the bad burps else!!!!

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