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Mouth Ulcers and Cold Sores

Hi All!

I have developed a crop of mouth ulcers (ouch) and Cold Sores (double ouch) over the weekend. I haven't had a mouth ulcer since I was a teenager, and I have only had 3 cold sores in my entire life!!!

So, I went to the chemist today and got the compeed patches for the cold sore, and some brown stuff to paint on the mouth ulcers, which stings like bejaysus!!
She also gave me this supplement called "L-Lysene" which is in tablet form, its supposed to build up your immune system against mouth ulcers and stuff.

My chin has also become quite spotty...so I'm guessing the diet is affecting my immune system or hormones???

Can anyone shed any light on it? Anyone had the same problems (I'm on week 2). Does anyone know if taking the L-Lysene tabs will effect my oh so precious state of ketosis?

I have NO intention of stopping the diet because of this...they'll be gone in a few weeks, and a few slightly unsightly blemishes on my face will do me no harm, compared to the harm being overweight is doing to me!

Any suggestions or insights much appreciated :D
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Yeah i started lipotrim in july and after about the third week i got spotty and mouth ulcers right at the back of my front teeth. When i did refeeding they went away so i put it down to the effects of TFR. when i restarted in sept the same thing has happened. I just got through week five and i have them again. so i think its just an annoying side effect.
if i were you just see how it goes. i never used anything so i don't know if it affects ketosis.
Tracey x
Thanks! Really glad I'm not the only one! I have no intention of giving up don't care how many I get!
i suffered to at the end of week 1 begining of week2 i also think that it to do with the cleaning of our systems . but mine did go i didnt use anthing thou . did you tell the chemist that you were on lipotrim ??
Yes, she was a young chemist asst' and didn't seem to know what it was (it was not the chemist I go to for my weigh-ins and sachets). I wasn't going to stand there and explain it!

I don't think one tiny little pill a day would mess up ketosis would it?
I'v gone a bit spotty and I'm presuming its all the rubbish I used to eat coming out, I'd rather be thin and spotty though so I'm carrying on!!!

Well done on your quitting smoking, I gave up about 4 years ago and that added to my weight problem so all power to you managing to quit while on LT

I also broke out in spots around week 2, I am assuming it is our bodies getting rid of all of the toxins.
I also got 2 coldsores around 4 weeks ago which is unusual for me,

Clair x

irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
Did not have any ulcers or cold sores but got a few blemishes. Guess this is the body detoxing. I doubt if the supplement is any harm I take a number for pain and arthritis and it has not impacted on my losses. Keep up the water to keep flushing out your system.

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