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MOVINGMOUNTAINS...blasted BBQ's the smell is killing me!

DONUTS, CURRIES, CHOCOLATE, PASTA, GARLIC BREAD, BUTTER, CHEESE, CRUSTY FRENCH BREAD, ROASTS, JACKET SPUDS WITH LOADS BUTTER! these are a few of my favourite things! And OMG do I love them all but having eaten most of them of the last few days I'm sick to the back teeth of them. Do they make me happy...NO! do they make me feel fat and guilty...YES! :cry:

So now to confession time. Not only have I stuffed my face with them I have also tried to make myself sick afterwards in the bid to lose weight. :cry:I can't believe I tried to do that its just not something I agree on. But I saw someone doing it on a programme and though why not give it a try! Well, no way could I do it sticking my fingers down my throat just has no appeal at all. I'm fatter than I've ever been and I need to lose it so I decided to see my GP. Who just told me to go to WW. Been there can write the book! Its just not for me. So after loads slimming pills and every diet going I found CD. I did it for a while but then soething happened that sent me of track big time. So here I am back and about to start day 1 tomorrow anf determined not to fallen off the wagon.

I've read so many inspirational stories on here that I now know you don't have to be special to do this you just need support and determination I have the determination just need the support.

Thanks for reading.

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Well, not long now and I'm...is this sad EXCITED! about starting CD again in the morning.

I have just been reading some threads that have reduced me to tears both with sadness and laugher. I only hope my journey will have more ups than downs and that someone posts on my thread otherwise I'll be banging my head on a brick wall! :banghead:

Ok last glass of H2O and and off to bed.

Night, night.

MM x


Queen of the Damned
Didn't see this before - sending you major :hug99: and some positive :vibes: babes xx
Here goes day 1!

Thanks DQ.

So here I go back on SS for the next few months. Although I've pretty much decided to do this day by day rather than looking months ahead. I know this works and I really need and want t to work for me.

I've got 2 bottles of water (3L) in the fridge that need to be drunk. My plan is to have the first bottle before I allow myself a shake! Then have my shake about 11am each day, then the next bottle before about 2pm, then shake number 2, then a few more glasses of water before number 3 shake at 7pm. Well, thats the plan.

Loads to do to keep me busy today. Will check in later. Have a good day all.

MM x


Silver Member
You can do it - we are all here for you.

I'm on week 5 and although this diet is difficult at times, the support here is wonderful and really gets you through.

You are so right to take it day by day. On day 1 i thought i would just see how i went for a few days and now here i am well into week 5!

Good luck and look forward to hearing how you get on



Queen of the Damned
How did your day go?? :)

How hungry am I...well funny enough not at all! Day 1 went without a hitch was temted to jump on the scales but stopped myself...plus the battery has run out!
Last night I went along to WW...I know thats totally confused you all! But my hubby wants to lose about 3 stone and he can't do CD no willpower! But he wouldn't go to WW either so I joined just to get the books etc...I was so shocked that the scales there weighed me a stone heavier than my CDC! So even more determined to shift the 5 stone (or 6 on WW scales).
Must dash and get the kids off to camp!
Will try and pop in later.
Thanks for the support everyone.


jelly belly
S: 20st5lb C: 18st0lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 49.2 Loss: 2st5lb(11.58%)

wanted to welcome you to mini`s
you`ll gat great support in here
all the best for your cd journey
stay strong,focused, and above all think why you need this
good luck
kaz :D
Oh what a beautiful morning! The sun is shining, my skin is so clear and spot free after 2 days! but the hunger pangs kicked in last night while I was making my eldest son's packed lunch for camp today...:break_diet:and I munched on a cheese & pickle roll! :whoopass:I know it was bad, real bad but I did it and now I'll have to start AGAIN!

So here goes again...will I ever reach my 1st goal, will I ever get a whole week of SSing in? Going to have the weekend off MM's and see if I can come back on Monday and tell everyone I did it I SS'd over the weekend and am on day 4!

DAY 1...coming to get ya!:gimi:

Have a brill one everyone.

MM x


jelly belly
S: 20st5lb C: 18st0lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 49.2 Loss: 2st5lb(11.58%)
hi MM
just keep sating to yourself

you will get there just bloody hard work and a constant battle with your brain
i am on week 16 and i still get parts of the day when i could eat the whole contents of the fridge

good luck MM try your best and come back monday telling us all how you did it
after the 1st week it does get easier to resist and keeping buisy is also the key to success
when you feel you want to nibble do something else


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