Mr & Mrs chubby Chops back minus the Mr!!!

Hi didnt want to sign in untill I knew I was motivated enough after only lasting a few weeks last time! Mr chubby chops is in Iraq and has no idea I have started this diet again. Had my first weigh in today and I have lost 1 stone 6 lbs in twelve days!!!!!!!! OMG even better than last time. He is back on 28th Dec for two weeks and I so hope I can keep to this and make him fall in love with me all over again. Fingers crossed everyone this site has kept me going in the last 12 days so a big thank you even though I did not post I was too scared that I would fail again.:cry:Just looked at this post the ticker is from last time and hubby sorted that out have no idea how to get rid of it or update it - how sad am I????
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Hiya :D well done on your weight loss!
Im not on CD anymore but had to say hi , my oh is just back from Iraq, off out again by end of the week.....he goes back and forth so much I think they should give him citizenship! lol :D or at least air miles.....nows theres a thought..........:rolleyes:
Hi, its rubbish isnt in Tony has done 22 years this year and signed on for another two!! he is army barmy!!!! as soon as he signed on they gave him this tour he keeps telling me how he is melting in the heat which is why I decided to give this another go!! Enjoy your time with hubby and he will be back again soon enough driving you mad xx take care x


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well done for getting back on cd :) if you go to user cp and edit signiture you can change your stuff there. if you want to change the ticker you just click on it and enter the pin but you prob dont know that so id just delete it and make a new one hun :) x