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Mrs Darcy's fabulous food diary...

Hello food diary!

I started weight watchers on the 1st June, am doing it at home (not going to meetings). Weigh-in is every Tuesday - all going well so far :)

I have just over 3 stone i'd like to lose - this would get me to a BMI of 25. Am taking it in stages though, and have a goal of 14 stone to reach first - ultimate goal is about 12 stone. Start weight was 15.7 and a half. Am 5''9 and a size 18 sometimes 16 if it's a good day!

Been tracking my food in a diary at home but it's getting messy so thought i'd do one in here where it's easier to read! :)

My points allowance is 23.

Been a bit poorly this week so have been eating what I can (within points)

Today i've had:

Breakfast - woke up much too late for breakfast!

Lunch -Small tin of heinz tomato soup
4 pieces of 50/50 crustless bread with flora extra light.

Dinner - 2 potato waffles
Grilled giant mushrooms
2 chicken burgers

Snackages - mini bag of malteasers and some pink flavour quavers.

Today was a very 'junk' foody day - not very much healthy stuff :eek:, all within points though. Have not been very hungry so just eaten things I fancied and that are easy to cook.

Will do better when I am better! xxx
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Hello diary,

Went to sleep sooo late last night as not been feeling well, so have slept through breakfast.

Going to make lunch in a min which will be;

Grilled chicken breast (2.5) with lemon(0) and 1 teaspoon of olive oil (1) /herbs (0)
Wholemeal pasta twists (4)
2 tablespoons of green pesto (3) - mmmm!

So yummy and very quick to make - not too bad for points either. Will add the points later as am upstairs at the moment without my calculater or points book! xxx
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Just had a little pre world cup snack of low fat peanut butter (3) on 50/50 crustless bread (1.5) so yummy! :)
Yesterday went well - stuck to points 100% Hoping for a good loss on Tuesday.

Today am going to make us a weight watchers friendly roast dinner, it is Sunday after all! Going to do; a roast chicken (will be having a weighed amount of breast meat), roast potatoes done with olive oil (a measured teeeeeny amount lol) and herbs, yorkshire puddings (the best bit imo) loads of veggies and gravy - CAN'T WAIT! :) Will write exact amounts and pointages later xxx
Had roast dinner, amazing! Although, had to go out and buy another chicken as the first one had gone off - yuck!!!

Then had strawberries after, so nice at this time of year :)

We then went for a really long in the woods, which would have definately earned us some activity points :)

Still have lots of points left! Xxx

Today's lunch:

Small jacket potato with one teaspoon of olive oil (for yummy crispy skin)
5 fish fingers
Weight watchers baked beans :)

Not sure what's for tea tonight, maybe salmon with pesto and roast veggies x
Just been for a long power walk in the woods, am shattered now! Must have racked up a fair few activity points though - yay! :)

Have 11 points left for dinner so am having cod fillets with pesto on top, and long peppers stuffed with herbs and cheese, and some oven roasted cherry tomatoes :) leaves me two points for something sweet after :)

Really determined this week as I am only half a pound away from my first 5% loss goal - yippee!!! Xxx
Hello diary!

My legs and bum are aching so much from the walk yeserday - ouchies!!!

Today I am having bagel pizza's for my lunch; made with 2 weight watchers bagels, home made tomato and herb sauce, topped with ham and pineapple - yum! 9.5 points for two.

Not sure about tea..will have to have a looky at what we've got xxx
For tea tonight I am going to have cod in parsley sauce with mash potato (made with smash = lazy me!) and peas/carrots. Not sure of the points yet, but I think it's quite low :) x

Am due my period and really craving bad food - must resist though! xxx
Hello food diary,

Got a big food shop coming tonight with loads of weight watchers goodies in - thank goodness as we've not much left! It's funny how you get through so much more food when you are eating properly!

Going to have some sort of fish for lunch I think - not totally sure what yet though! x
Have done loads of mad cleaning today and got really hot so that must have burned some calories! :D

Think i'm going to have chilli tonight..depends what time the shopping comes really! xxx
Just had a weigh watchers bagel with chicken breast to tide me over till the food shop comes! x
Sorry I've been neglecting you food diary!

Today had

3 belvita breakfast biscuits - yum!
Toad in the hole/lc mash and peas
muller light vanilla yog
Finn crisp x 2 and 1 laughing cow :)
Breakfast today - one berocca drink (bit yuck but been a bit run down recently so hoping this might help!) One pack of belvita breakfast biscuits - 3.5

Lunch - not sure yet!

Tea - going to do chicken breasts in a red wine (homepride) sauce, with new potatoes and corn on the cob :) Not worked out points yet, will update later.

Got loads of cleaning to do - house is a mess! xxx
Updated: lunch

2 x healthy living wholemeal rolld
4 x healthy living bacon
2 x medium eggs
2 x portobello giant mushrooms


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