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Mrs Jeffery's weight loss mission

Discussion in 'Slimming World - Weight Loss Diary' started by kazrace, 8 August 2014 Social URL.

  1. kazrace

    kazrace Full Member

    Hi. My name is Karen, I'm a 35 year old teacher and currently weigh just under 19stone. I have always been overweight and have tried diet after diet. A few years ago I managed to lose 6 stone on weight watchers and got down to an amazing (for me) 14st and then I got complacent and it all came back pilling back on.

    This time is going to be different.

    I have been married to my amazing husband for just over a year, during which time we have also been trying for our first baby which just ain't happening. We recently found out he has issues with his sperm so looks like having a family isn't going to be easy for us and me being so overweight certainly isn't going to help matters so this is it for me. I have to lose weight now or I am simply going to run out of time!

    I joined slimming world again just over a week ago and lost 7lbs in my first week which is fab but I can do 'first weeks' in fact I'm almost a pro at them, it's all the weeks and weeks which come after it which seems to stump me.

    Hopefully writing my thoughts and feelings down here will be another way to help keep me focused and hopefully hear some more stories along the way - especially positive conception stories as right now that is really getting me down. I am working hard on not letting my default setting of reaching for food overpower my very weak will power.

    As as a teacher I am currently on summer holidays which makes losing weight both easier and harder at the same time. Lots of spare time but also lots and lots or social engagements which all focus on food and drink. Hardest challenge for me so far this week will be my friends wedding tomorrow but hopefully going to minimise damage where I can and then Sunday get back onto plan 100%

    I guess I'd better actually write about what I have eaten today?! We have been at my in laws on the Isle of Wight the last three days which is so much harder than being at home but I've tried to make sensible choices. I'd welcome feedback from any slimming world pros out there :)

    Breakfast: 2x weetabix and semi skimmed milk (hex a and b)

    Went to Costa to meet family - ate and drank nothing, even hubby didn't have anything - felt rather smug and happy watching them tuck into their calorie laden paninis and coffees :)

    lunch: went to a little cafe with hubby and chose a jacket potato (no butter) with grilled chicken and avocado and a large side salad. Totally hadn't thought about avocado being synned...counted 5 for it as it wasn't a generous serving?

    Played golf in the afternoon and rather than our usual post golf ice cream I had some watermelon :)

    long delayed ferry trip home so nipped into the shop and bought some ham to eat in the car? Not the best choice but what else could I buy for a good snack? Obviously fruit would of been better but sometimes an apple just doesn't hit the spot.

    Dinner:Finally home about 8 - had the intention of having something 'proper' to eat but really only fancied cereal so had two more weetabix and milk. Not great but probably a better choice than hubby's toast and jam?

    Crikey thats a long post.....well done if you made it through that waffle!! Thanks for reading and thanks for helping me keep on this long long journey :)
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  3. kazrace

    kazrace Full Member

    So nice to sleep in my own bed again last night - can't beat it. Made the mistake of a quick hop on the scales this morning even though weigh in isn't til Tuesday, looks like a sts so far this week. I shouldn't of done it but I'm hoping that will keep me a bit more on track at the wedding today, I must show some restraint if I want a loss this week.

    Sticking to weetabix for breakfast and then I suppose I'd better start getting ready. Can't wait til I'm slimmer and I enjoy getting dressed up and not just looking like a blob in a dress!
  4. kazrace

    kazrace Full Member

    Weddings are not slimming world friendly!

    So, it was all going well until we left the church to go to the reception, it was one o'clock and we knew that food wasn't being served until at least four so we stopped at the garage on the way, I got some chicken (not the worst choice I think) and hubby got crisps. Arriving at the venue I chose water rather than pimms.

    Alcohol - I'm very lucky in some ways that I don't really drink anymore so that at least is saving me calories! Mr J doesn't drink either so I'm never even really tempted with it. I thought that might have been plus for us when trying for a baby but totally doesn't seem to be making a different....maybe I should start back up again?

    Anyway, back to the wedding, canapés soon came out, I resisted them the first three times then I gave in and had 2 cocktail sausages! Totally could of eaten more but showed some restraint.

    We we sat down to eat at four ish - we had zero choice on food so I was dreading what we were gonna end up with

    starter - melon and ham
    main - chicken and creamy potatoes and about 4 green beans
    pud - honeycomb cheesecake

    I'd love to save that a didn't eat the pudding but I did and it was blooming lovely :)

    For the next 4 hours we sat around chatting and having fun with our friends - others took several trips to the sweetie/chocolate table.....Mr J came back with a mini bag of buttons for me and I ate about 4 and then gave them to him, I haven't really had chocolate since starting back and I didn't really enjoy them- which just seems crazy to me but kinda good at the same time I guess.

    I was quite happy that I hadn't gone too crazy with food at this point but then at 9 o'clock out came the cake and bacon butties - I stood for some minutes looking at the cake and butties totally wanting both but knowing I had to choose. In the end I choose bacon and it was delicious :) :) my skinny friends had both and some even had two butties but hey oh one day that might be me?!?

    So today back at home and back into some routine I hope - woke up late and pretty much went straight on the treadmill and went further than I have before. Haven't eaten anything yet but I guess it's gonna be weetabix.....
  5. miataiblue

    miataiblue Silver Member

    Hi kazrace, sounds like you did well at the wedding and anyway, that's what flexi syns are for! I probably would have made the same choices except I would have chosen cake (minus any icing) over the bacon sandwich lol. Good luck for Tuesday, that's my weigh-in day too xx
  6. kazrace

    kazrace Full Member

    Thanks :) how you feeling about Tuesday? Have you had a good week?

    Nice straight forward day today.

    lunch: salad including cucumber, tomatoes and egg with fat free dressing
    dinner: lean pork loin, potatoes, broccoli, swede, runner beans and gravy (1.5 syns)
    snacks: so far just an apple

    all and all an ok day, should hopefully have made up for some of yesterday's damage.

    Home alone tonight and my natural instinct is to eat more, it's good that writing this keeps me busy for a while or I'd be rooting through the cupboards!!!
  7. miataiblue

    miataiblue Silver Member

    I never know how to feel about weigh day lol. I've had a good week apart from my usual treat after weigh-in (nothing too major, just something I wouldn't have on plan as a treat). Your menu today looks great! xx
  8. kazrace

    kazrace Full Member

    Well today is going ok...

    Breakfast - good old weetabix
    lunch - lean stir fry beef with noodles, a shed load of mushrooms, onions and peppers and a bit too much soy sauce!
    snacks - so far an apple and an Alpen light bar (3syns)

    Not bad since I have just been sat around doing school work all day - always always eat more when I'm just in the house. Back feels a bit dodgy today so haven't been on the treadmill, hopefully it will be ok tomorrow.

    Tonight could of been a potential danger point but think I have got around it - the family are getting together tonight to discuss our upcoming weekend to centre parcs - I was out voted by people wanting fish and chips so to get around it I have offered to cook slimming world burgers and chips. Hopefully they won't be disappointed and I'll get to stay on plan. Downside is there are now 8 of us tonight and that's quite a lot of burgers and chips to make!

    Made the mistake this morning of getting on the scales - when will I learn? It said I was up a pound but as Mr J pointed out my weight fluctuates loads during the week and I should not get on them! Please tell me I'm not the only one who has sneaky peeks? I'll be gutted if I do put on tomorrow, I feel like I've tried so hard this week even with things in the way. Although next week with centre parcs and then Corfu will be even harder.

    Now just got to hope nobody wants a pudding tonight.....
  9. kazrace

    kazrace Full Member

    Morning all

    Had a good day in the end yesterday. Last night at mums I had two burgers, with mushrooms instead of a bap and lots of salad and then when everyone tucked into ice lollies I just had a diet coke :)

    weigh in day today and I feel nervous, I wish I didn't have to wait until 7.30 it's soooooo far away! Going on the treadmill in a bit, I have been seeing how far I can go in half an hour but think I'm ready to try and go back to doing a 5k distance. So today will be my first 5k in about a year and I'm not expecting a good time, think I'd be happy with about 45mins but even that might be optimistic. Once I have set that time then I can start to work on getting it down. We have some friends who do a park run (timmed 5k) on Sundays I think it would be good fun but no way I'm running in public just yet!

    Food is kind of planned today - as little as possible!

    Breakfast - weetabix and a banana
    lunch - Ham and mushroom omelette with salad

    dinner? I don't like to eat until after weigh in so could be anything, last week I went off plan and had an un weighed bowl of bran flakes.....what a treat!!!
  10. kazrace

    kazrace Full Member

    Woo hoo - smashed the 5k! Ok, well, didn't exactly smash it but did it in 44mins which I'm super chuffed with :) only trouble is next time I'm gonna wanna beat that and that's going to take some doing.

    great start to the day - now onto breakfast.....
  11. kazrace

    kazrace Full Member

    3.5lbs at weigh in and slimmer of the week - never been so chuffed to have a shiny sticker :)

    looks like I have made some good choices this week amongst the slightly dodgy ones. I'm so super happy right now, I really think I might be able to stick to this.

    Weigh treat - an unweighed bowl of bran flakes. Living the high life :)
  12. jojo2502

    jojo2502 Full Member

    Well done. You doing great. I am a serial weigher too. Just read your diary, popping in to subscribe :) x
  13. miataiblue

    miataiblue Silver Member

  14. kazrace

    kazrace Full Member

    Thanks for the nice messages, hope you are having a good week too :)

    JoJo - It is so hard not getting on the scales although when I went this morning Mr J has taken the battery out and hidden it so I guess that's one way to stop me!!

    My day today has already been busy. Had a blood test booked for this morning and went down there only to be told it had to be on days 2-4 of my cycle. Bloody doctor hadn't told me that so today was a waste of time and I have to rearrange. Really am losing hope in this whole 'having a baby' thing. Nothing is through yet about Mr J's appointment at the fertility place and my bloods are now another month away. Just kinda hoping that losing weight will magically make things happen on their own.....that happens right?

    Straight forward weetabix for breakfast.

    Have been on the treadmill but just didn't have any running in my legs so just walked quickly for 2 miles which is better than nothing I guess. Playing doubles badminton tonight so need to save a bit of energy for that anyway!

    Now into the horrid task of sorting holiday clothes ready for Cofu next week....what will it be like to enjoy the summer and all the skimpy clothes that I'll wear at target!!? I can't really imagine being happy not being covered up in a cardigan?

    Not sure on lunch yet - will probably involve one of the two massive courgettes I got last night as part of my SOTW goodies :)
  15. kazrace

    kazrace Full Member

    Stuffed! Just had the most massive dinner of chicken, sw chips, swede, broccoli and peas oh and gravy mmmm mmmm love gravy and chips :)

    lunch was a jacket and salad in the end - nothing very exciting but did the job.

    We played an hour of badminton tonight which was good fun, I'd much rather do that than the treadmill but not quite as convenient.

    Great british bake off soon - shouldn't really watch it because it makes me want to bake but just have to!

    Dunno what to have as pudding later only on 7.5 syns so could have something nice...
  16. jojo2502

    jojo2502 Full Member


    Great food diary :) I'm also a baker and love GBBO but baking no good on a diet lol.

    Just wanted to say re: baby miracles do happen when you least expect them. You doing the right thing in getting healthy. I know it's hard but relax about these things.
    We didn't have any problems concieving, it was getting the babies to stick :(
    Neverlheless, here we have our 2 miracle babies. Never lose hope Hun xx

    Jo x
  17. kazrace

    kazrace Full Member

    Thanks JoJo nice to hear some encouraging words! All my focus at the moment is on food and exercise so that's helping take the pressure off the baby stuff ( still niggles away in the back somewhere though) I just wish I was a bit younger :-(

    I love love love baking and watching that certainly didn't help! We have our little goddaughter round tomorrow and she loves baking cakes with me so that might be tomorrow's obstacle - there is always something isn't there?

    Had an an Alpen light bar for pudding - the lemon drizzle ones are delicious, bought another two packets in asda earlier. I could use my sins on something much fancier but really trying to sort out my chocolate cravings and for that I really need to be going cold turkey. I can't do moderation so best to abstain for now.

    Mr J is watching some rubbish looking film now which gives me time to have a browse around here.....lovely :)
  18. jojo2502

    jojo2502 Full Member

    Me and hubby watching The Butler. Very good and very moving.
    My fave alpen light bars are lemon drizzle. Yum. Was in sainsburys today and they were 2 for £3. Didn't pick any up, was distracted by my son :( lol x
  19. miataiblue

    miataiblue Silver Member

    I agree with Jo about trying to relax re: baby making. I know it's hard (and please don't think I'm in any way trying to say that I know how you feel) but it helped with us. Please don't lose hope xx

    I also love baking but obviously enjoy eating what I've made too!

    Hubby's up for work at 4am all week this week so I've got control of the remote after 9pm when everyone's in bed lol. Only problem is I start watching stuff that I've recorded that he doesn't like and end up going to bed at stupid o'clock :-/ it is quite nice to sit in peace for a few hours though! xx
  20. kazrace

    kazrace Full Member

    Is the butler worth a watch? I think I would like it but might be a bit serious for Mr J!?

    Busy day so far today and had a teeny wobble on the food front. Had breakfast as normal, is there anything easier than weetabix? So simple and can't get the measuring of them wrong!!

    Then our goddaughter came round and as predicted wanted to make cakes, I resisted for ages then I had a couple of sneaky tastes of buttercream and one teeny tiny cake - they were horrid packet ones so didn't even taste nice but they were Disney princesses so she was happy. According to the packets info one would we 4 syns so will allow 6 including the sneaky icing I had.

    Lunch was ok - omelette with bacon, mushrooms, peppers and tomatoes

    really not sure what to do about dinner, really fancy salmon. Might have to pop to the shops :)

    no treadmill today yet either....I need to get myself motivated because I really need to make the most of today before we go away and then things are slightly more out of my control.

    Hope you are all having a good day. :)
  21. jojo2502

    jojo2502 Full Member

    Hey there! Well done for counting the syns from baking! Sounds like you had a good day :)

    The butler is very good. Based on a true story of a black man who is butler to 4 presidents. It basically covers the racial tension from early 1900's up to Obama being president. I loved it!
    Deffo my film of the year so far :)

    Jo x

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