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MrsDannyDyer's now proud Mummy to baby Jessica :)

Hiya Seen a few of you all had diarys so thought id do mine too. What better day to start than the day I found out im pregnant!

Well Im 17st 7. And would love to lose some weight b4 i have the baby. SO time will tell.

I had the coil removed on March 17th. So really wasnt expecting to be here so soon.

I have 2 children already. A boy and a girl. Though DS was with a previous relationship. Id be happy with either this time as i already have one of each. But I'd love another daughter, i love dressing her up and wearing nice pink clothes and doing her hair n all d girly things we do. But Id love a son for my OH. As this is the last chance he will get at it.

So today i had;
Breakfast - bowl of cereal
Lunch - 2 Turkey burgers in a bun
Dinner - Cajun chicken with potato lattices.

No junk food which is great for me!

No exercise because it was raining. The last few weeks OH and me have been walking most days. Last week i even managed a 6mile walk. God i was knackered, but managed it. SO going to try n keep that up. Bought a pedometer, so going to try n reach 10,000 steps a day!

So far ive had sore boobs. Had them over for over a week. And cramping pain without the blood. SO was thinking AF was coming. Did a test on wed and it was neg, did another on thur and it was neg too. But they were out of poundland and not morning specimen. Anyway had decided if AF hadnt showed by today then Id get another test. SO this morning i went to boots and got two more tests. And there is was a BFP!!!:D:D
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Purple Hugs

Loves weight.. training!
wow good luck on the pedometer 10,000 steps is LOT so perhaps a lower target given your current steps may be wise? Honestly I have tried the 10k step challenge and discussed it in a weight class (with a proper counsellor) who even admitted it's hard for a lot of people to do, let alone a pregnant woman! lol
I do think though having 2 kids already you likely do a lot of steps. lol

Hope you feel well today and that the pregnancy goes really smoothly for you - can't believe it was that quick for you to conceive!! Amazing :)
My lmp was the 17th March! lol
The 1st day i wore d pedometer last fri i did 13000 steps. When we go our walk im doing 6000 steps n its amazing how the rest adds up. Plus i walk my wee one to nursery n back everyday if the weathers ok.

Feel sick this morning. Blew my nose and just started feeling sick. Anyway it settled thankfully. I was sick right through my last pregnancy, and dont fancy that much again. Though if it means i wont gain much weight id welcome it lol

Purple Hugs

Loves weight.. training!
lol don't tempt fate on welcoming the sick!!

You're doing well on the steps then wow :) well done you! :) And well done again on your weight loss!! :) Fantastic :)
Yeah i just noticed its 2500 steps to the nursery n back. so that twice a day im hal way there lol...
Well thats another day over!

Felt sick this morning when i blew my nose lol and when i brushed my teeth....

Breakfast - Cereal
Lunch - Ham sandwich
Snack - special k bar
Dinner - Bowl on homemade soup and 2 slices of bread with butter.

Think ill have a sandwich or toast tonite as im feeling peckish. But had such a busy nite running round after the wee one and taking her to her activities...

Felt lower back pain today, and still got the cramping pains. Didnt sleep to well last nite and was up 3 xs to the toilet lol the joys

Purple Hugs

Loves weight.. training!
How you doing today hun?

That is a fair old walk to nursery - hope the sun shines so you get lots of walks in!

My girls school is literally around the corner from me, so errr.. don't have much of a walk! lol Do have a horse though so I exercise him :), as much as I can now i'm 'up the duff'. lol And have dogs I walk each day :)
Hi everyone. Felt much better today. No sickness, pain. Just tiredness really. Havent slept properly now for weeks. Its awaful. Its 2,3 in the nite and im still awake. Had such a busy day today. Had the dental hygenist at the nursery. Parents nite at nursery and parents nite at girls brigade!!! So im quite tired tonite, and was glad to get home 20 mins ago to get my feet up. Oh and we also managed to go fishing for tadpoles at our local boating pond, which was so much fun we have to do it again tomoro lol

Eating ive done so well again today.

Breakfast ~ Cereal
Lunch ~ Soup and 3 small soup rolls
Dinner ~ Spaghetti bolognaise

I cant believe that i have had no crisps, chocolate, biscuits. andything along that line now since monday. Which is great for me, and i havent even missed it. So no wonder 7lbs is off already.

Was a pit angry at OH today when we came out of parents nite he was swinging our daughter about and he wacked her head right into my tummy!!! MEN!!!

Purple Hugs

Loves weight.. training!
Oh dear to OH! Sure it'll highight things to him though - hope you're ok. Am sure that baby is fine as will still be tucked down in your pelvis. :)

Glad you had a good day, the tiredness but then not sleeping is definately something I had. Even till last week.. I was needing a sleep in the day occasionally and this made it worse. I have stopped sleeping in the day, but am still wide awake late at night but am managing to sleep now - thank goodness, so it will pass ((hugs)).

Keep up the great work on the snack front! ((Hugs))
Don't forget to make sure you're 'regular'. :)
Hiya everyone

I am shattered tonite. After i colected DD from nursery. I took her to the water and she threw stones in the water for a wee while. Then we went to m&Ds (scotlands theme park) She got one one ride then the rain started!!! So she had 3 rides then we left cause it was so heavy.

We then decided to go shopping. I was soooo tempted to buy some babygros n vests. Had to really stop myself. But i did buy a baby names book. Just had a look through it and OMG some of the names i didnt even realise were names there ridiculous!!!

Glad to be home now for a rest. Plus been running to the toilet all day with an upset tummy which hasnt been nice. We went to the toilet in m&ds and the smell actually made me sick. It was awful. The joys eh

Breakfast - cereal
Lunch - quiche, coleslaw and ham sandwich
Dinner - not had anything yet

Walked so far today - 10,500

Purple Hugs

Loves weight.. training!
wow not much wonder you're shattered! lol
Well done on your steps! :D
Sorry it rained on you!! Where in Scotland are you? Sorry if I've asked already..

Well done resisting the babygrows etc ;) the baby book sounds wise.. hubby and I can't decide on a girl at the moment! lol
The only reason we went shopping was to get my steps up lol

Im in South Lanarkshire.

Oh and OH has said hes going to have to go to Germany at the beginning of June :( Gonna be shattered here on my own. But cant be helped i suppose.

Purple Hugs

Loves weight.. training!
How far gone will you be? is he going with work? I'm sure you'll be fine hun ((hugs)) but have you got anyone you can invite round to keep you company? Mum, relative, friend?
Great tactic for getting your steps up, you are sooo dedicated. :)
have you weighed yet since your last registered loss? I can't wait to see what you've lost this week! lol
Yeah with work. He goes away quite a lot and everytime its at a bad time. Never suits lol Not that hes getting to choose this.

I live miles away from all my friends n family. We lived here a few years ago n then moved back to where i lived when i grew up and then moved back here this year. Its such a lovely place to live, great for kids etc. Just its miles away from everyone i know. I havent really told anyone yet im pg either. Just a close friend whos trying just now too, and a girl i work with. Havent told my parents yet. Going to wait until 12 weeks if i can b4 i say anything. Thats if im not growing by then!!!

Im off on holiday to butlins in skegness the 1st week in july. I go every year with my cousins wife n kids. Only she canx a month ago, but i said id still go cause my kids love it. But dreading the drive now. I'll be 12 weeks the day after i get back, so will tell everyone then.

Purple Hugs

Loves weight.. training!
don't talk driving.. I'm the only driver in our house, and am driving from SW Wales to Hertfordshire then up to just outside Inverness to see my relations!! yes I did say Inverness!! lol on the coast :) I'm hoping to stop off in Glasgow overnight each way to break it up a bit, we were going to camp under canvas but have changed that, so that we are bombarding my sister in her bungalow - foster child won't be with us though she's going on respite for a week. so there will 'only' be 4 of us and 2 dogs! lol
Its not a very nice road either from perth up to inverness. We used to have a caravan in nairn, so used to drive up that way a lot. Lovely place though. Yeah ud be better breaking it up.

We went to a haven park in wales years ago. It took hours. We were all shattered by the time we got there, and Robert had forgot the matches so we couldnt get the cooker/fire lit!!! and everywhere was closed lol

Purple Hugs

Loves weight.. training!
Ahh the nightmare of caravanning eh, we went to a hoseasons in April with the girls (for Erin's 10th Birthday). Didn't think of the cold.. boy it was FREEZING! Had to buy a lighter thing the next day for the gas fire as only the cooker lit, so the only heating in the living room/kitchen was the hob! lol Hubby thought I was mad I'm sure. The bedroom heaters were less than useless as well - we had them on the entire time we were there.
Amazing how much you take your house for granted!

And yes.. the road 'north' after perth is a slow one isn't it, we stopped for a few hours in Aviemore when we went that far last, but am trying not to do that this time as I was shattered once we got back on the road. I honestly (much as I love him) don't think Graham truly understands how driving wipes you out.
I do love caravaning. lol We bought our own caravan when DD was born. Then upgraded it 2 years ago. But the heating is great and we always have a blow heater for the awning. Though last year we went away in the tent more than we did in the caravan.

THough i feel rotten as OH does all the driving when we go away. Very rarely do i ever drive. Though i did drive us all to dunoon n back last year, but that was only because we took my car instead of his!!

Oh and meant to say weighed myself this morning. Another 2lbs off. Thats me into the 16's!!! woo hoo

Purple Hugs

Loves weight.. training!
Well done on the 2lb!! That's fantastic and not even a week yet! :D

I've been to Dunoon! :) We stayed there overnight for a wedding some years back :)

Caravan with a blow heater sound much nicer! lol I will be buying some heaters if we go caravanning again in the future to be sure! lol I was seriously tempted by a static at the campsite, but money wouldn't stretch and hubby would get majorly bored at the same place all the time. Plus our beach locally is much better than their one was!! lol we're a bit spoiled here, even my sister who lives in nairn admits that our beach is better than hers! lol She couldn't understand why we moved here till she visited, then within a day she said, 'I totally understand why now'! lol

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