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MrsMacTheKnife's Take That Weight Loss Diary

Afternoon, ladies! I started posted in Lauren's Afghanistan weight loss diary but didn't want to hijack it, so have started my own - but thanks so much for the inspiration, Lauren.

I've decided to lose weight as when Take That announced their 2011 tour, I was really excited for all of 5 minutes. I then dismissed the idea of going to see them as I thought I would look ridiculous, bouncing around to Relight My Fire at 15 stone something, which made me realise that I don't do loads of things because I feel uncomfortable about my weight. So I did a bit of research on the net, ended up here, landed on Lauren's thread and instantly decided to ring the local CD consultant.

I saw her today and weighed in at a whopping 16st 2lbs, the heaviest (by over a stone) I have ever been. You know you get people who look in the mirror and still see themselves as fat? I'm the other way around, I still see somebody slim and gorgeous and then I see a photo and wonder who the fat girl on the end is whilst simultaneously wondering why dress sizes are getting smaller in my favourite shops.

So, armed with a bit of a reality check and 21 shakes/porridges, here we go with Week One. I'm feeling a little bit nervous, and a little bit determined. I'm especially wondering how I'm going to give up milk and one sugar in my tea (however, I'm drinking a peppermint tea as we speak and it's fine) and how I'm going to, errrrrmmmm, completely hide this from my husband. Yes, completely and utterly hide it. I did Lighter Life about 5 years ago, lost 4 stone in 4 months and put it back on again in 4 months - I didn't do the refeeding bit and clearly didn't take any lessons on board and I also have a husband who absolutely lives and breathes exercise. His solution is eat less and exercise more (yes, I could crown him as well, girls.....) but as we rarely get to eat at the same time at the moment, I might be in with a passing shot of getting away with it. Or, by the time he realises, I will have lost a shed load of weight and he will see how much happier I am..

OK, off for my first shake, wish me luck!

Take care, MrsMac
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You lucky thing! I live near Cardiff but couldn't get tickets so ended up with Wembley.

It's 0240 hrs and I've been to bed but am now wide awake. I've put some washing on and have come on here to wrestle myself away from the fridge - I really, really didn't realise how many times I open that door a day!

Day One has gone ok, I bought the tetra pack shakes and I just double the amount of fluid up with water, it makes a really nice milkshake drink. I have got some porridges too but as we don't have a microwave (big sigh, DH is a healthy dude and won't have one in the house), it didn't taste too good. I'm thinking of sneaking a cheapie one into work.... I've drunk loads of water - I did Lighter Life before and it was a real struggle to get 4 litres down, now I know I've only got to drink 4 pints, I'm drinking 4 litres with ease, mad, isn't it?

I'm taking a pretty flexible approach this time, I'm going on SS for a couple of weeks to get a nice motivational weight loss going, then thinking that it might suit my lifestyle to have the occasional 200 calorie meal. I felt guilty on LL if I ever slipped up in the tiniest of ways but now that I know that I can have a little of something from an available list, I feel in real control.

I'm going to spend today catching up with paperwork and organising myself for the coming week. Stress is one of my trigger factors so a bit of organisation helps me feel calm.

Hope you all have a lovely Sunday, don't forget to put your clocks back!

Take care, MrsMac
Good luck on your journey MrsMac! You're doing so good so far, well done and stick with it!

I'm another one going to see TT next year, can't wait!


My husband = My hero
Oooh hi lovely lady!!!

Didn't know you had a diary!!!

Can come in here and keep up to date with operation " bag Robbie Williams" hehe

How's your first week goin so far??

Lol @ the Operation Bag Robbie!

I went to London yesterday to meet up with my eldest son (I'm not a city girl, I couldn't wait to get back over the Severn Bridge) and I managed to stay the course. In my old corporate life, I used to do the trip to Paddington regularly but I didn't care because at the end of line was the Krispy Kreme doughnut store. This time, I just sailed past - I had a shake just before I got off the train to make sure I had something in my tummy. The only slight issue was that I don't want my son to know as he hated me being on Lighter Life, thought it wasn't healthy etc, and to be honest, I'm not telling anybody (except you and whoever reads this, lol) as I just want to get on with it. Of course, my DH is going to find out sooner than anyone else but by that time, I will have dropped a shed load of weight and he'll see how much happier I am.

Where was I? Oh, yes, met up with my gorgeous boy (he was choosing a very special 'something' for his girlfriend and wanted my opinion) and after traipsing around Hatton Garden for hours, he wanted to go for lunch. We ended up in a Mexican restaurant, both order fajitas but I ordered mine completely plain, with grilled chicken and lettuce and NOTHING else (I think I looked scary when I said that bit to the waiter) and when it came, I just ate a small portion of the chicken and a small portion of lettuce. The best thing is, I felt fabulous, and very much in control. I always knew that I would aim for SS on most days but that the world would not come to end if I had a 200 cal suitable meal. Today, I am cheerfully back on SS with not a shred of guilt - which is extremely good for me.

Anyhoo, must get on, have a fabulous day - ta-ra!

Take care, Mrs Mac

PS tonight, I am getting out my beautiful slim clothes (most with tags on) in preparation for sliding easily into them...ah, bliss.....
Hi everybody, I found it really hard yesterday - didn't drink enough and felt really hungry, perhaps it takes slighter longer to get into ketosis with SS+?

Weigh on Friday is focusing me though, and I am now off to search for a Zumba class, courtesy of a bit of inspiration from Lauren.

On a good note, DH still hasn't rumbled me ;)

Take care, MrsMac
Morning, ladies, I'm off to my first weigh in this morning so wish me luck.

It's 6 days instead of 7 as my lady is away tomorrow and I'm telling myself that any weight loss is fabulous but secretly, I would really like a big number!

My first week has been ok, I've been doing SS+, but I have been having a savoury drink in the afternoon and using the water flavours (left over from my LL days :eek:). Normally, if I don't do something 100% ie just packs, more than the required amount of water, no 200 cal meal etc, I would beat myself up and feel guilty and probably eat that round sugary thing with a hole in the middle to make myself feel better but this time, I'm just taking each day as it comes, aiming for 100% but perfectly happy with 90%.

I've really enjoyed not being concerned about food and DH still isn't aware as we are both so busy at the moment, we don't tend to eat at the same time. He has asked me if I have had dinner a few times but I have just replied that I have already had it - ok, it was a shake but it's still my dinner, lol! I'm much better doing this on my own, just for me, without dealing with all the naysayers and thin people asking why I don't just eat less and exercise more. On paper, it's that simple, but we aren't simple people, we are complex and I never eat because I am hungry, I eat because I'm happy, sad, lonely, in company, to celebrate, to commiserate ie I use food rather than enjoy food. Well, I'm thoroughly enjoying being in control and I'm hanging onto that feeling.

I'll report back later with my weight loss for a first week on SS+, see you later!

Hope you all have a lovely day, take care, MrsMac


My husband = My hero
Hi beautiful lady!!

Beat of luck with your weigh in today!!!

Can't wait to hear how you got on!

Think thin!

Absolutely agree, it would be wonderful to eat less move more and live happily ever after, but I'm sorry life doesn't work like that!

Every day is a step closer to the new you!

Speak soonxxxx
Hi there, first weigh in after 6 days of SS+ing and... wait for it (no pun intended...) a whole 8lbs! Absolutely delighted but still fighting the urge to go and celebrate with a curry - mad, isn't it?

Hope everybody has had a good day and a safe Bonfire night.

Take care, MrsMac


My husband = My hero
Waheeeeyyyy!! Well done lady!!

That's fantastic hun!! I was the same for ages - always rewarded myself with food... Why change now! But got over it!

Would kill for a curry tho haha xxx
Wow! Well done on your amazing first week's weightloss! You're doing really well. Good luck with week 2. :D

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