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mug full of veg


Mines a V&T Please

see link conversions for you

Measurement Conversion Table (oz, grams, gms, fl. oz, ml, Cup, Teaspoon, Tablespoon, tsbp., tsp.)



Mines a V&T Please
Atkins - Program - Tools - Carb Counter

this is the main site loads of help here menu ideas etc show you all food group and help you calculate net carbs on whatever you would like to eat.

thanks for that stephen :), but the only thing i can find is that a us cup/mug is 8fluid ounces in english but that is for measuring liquid ingredients, can i ask how do you measure your veg out?


Mines a V&T Please
best buy the new atkins book all the veg weights are in there and the carb values for them

130g of veg per day
120g salad
ste, does that mean 250g of salad/veg in one day?

i just whack a handful on....my appetite has gone completely so i dont need a lot :D


Mines a V&T Please

The first stage, 'induction', lasts for two weeks to ensure that you are properly in ketosis and that your body has 'switched gear' to its alternative source of energy. This is the most carbohydrate-restricted stage (no more than 15 - 20 g carbohydrate per day). This level allows you a daily amount of around 120 g of salad vegetables and 130g of cooked low carb vegetables such as broccoli, cauliflower, courgettes, green beans etc, plus unsweetened soya milk in weak tea/coffee if you wish.

The rest of your menu is made up of meat, fish, shellfish or poultry and fats (which are completely unrestricted as they are carbohydrate free) and eggs and hard cheeses (which do contain a small amount of carbohydrate, so you need to use these in moderation for this initial stage).

You eat until you're satisfied, and should never be hungry. It is also important to drink a large amount of water, as explained earlier. There is no rule on when to eat, except that you should avoid skipping meals, breakfast in particular.

Induction phase - allowed foods

High protein, carbohydrate free foods
All meats, fish, seafood such as prawns, poultry
Eat as much as you like
Fats & oils
All 100% fats & oils
Eat as much as you like
High protein/fat foods containing small amounts of carbohydrate
Hard cheeses
Cream cheese
Double (heavy) cream, crème fraiche etc
Soya milk (unsweetened, 0.6g carb per 100ml or less)
Eat as much as your daily carbohydrate allowance permits
Salads containing small amounts of carbohydrate
Alfalfa sprouts
Dill, basil, rosemary, thyme, oregano etc
Lettuce, romaine, escarole, endive, radicchio etc
Red/green peppers (bell peppers)
Eat as much as your daily carbohydrate allowance permits
Vegetables containing small amounts of carbohydrate
Artichoke hearts
Aubergine (eggplant)
Bamboo shoots
Bean sprouts
Beet greens
Brussels sprouts
Green/French beans
Spring onions (scallions)
Summer squash
Water chestnuts
Eat as much as your daily carbohydrate allowance permits
Herbs and spices - these vary in carbohydrate content but in general the quantities in which they are used are too small to worry too much about counting
Eat as much as your daily carbohydrate allowance permits
I just used 3 normal coffee mugs of chopped veggies a day on induction.
hi jim
are we talking about the big coffee mugs (not cups), is that what you use?, and i know this may sound silly but do you cut your veg first before you fill your cup with them i.e. because if you filled a mug with uncut mushrooms you are getting less than you would in weight than if they were sliced and then added to the cup/mug....sorry to be a pain asking questions...it just confuses me some....thanks :)
Yes Maz, the coffee mugs, and I chop and shred the veggies first. Well I did back on induction, I don't measure anything now.

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