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Extra Easy Days mug shots

Discussion in 'Slimming World' started by jamstar, 1 February 2010 Social URL.

  1. jamstar

    jamstar Member

    Hi just been online and couldn't find them, so used online calculator and it came out as 81/2 syns. I thought they were free am I wrong.:confused:
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  3. amara

    amara New Member

    it depends what flavour they are hun, the ones that are 1% fat are the only ones that are free! hope this helps!
  4. eye6769

    eye6769 Vegetarian who lives2eat

    yeah most are free, but some are 2syns , thats all not much for a great snack, cheese one is 2 syns . Sure someone will have the full list.
  5. franbob

    franbob Full Member

    EW OH BLUEGH. ive ben having sweet n sour and tomato an erb :S
  6. mumtheshopper

    mumtheshopper Silver Member

    You ahve to add in that it contains free food on the calculator.

  7. eye6769

    eye6769 Vegetarian who lives2eat

    sweet and sour is free
  8. amara

    amara New Member

    is it the tomato and herb pasta one? cos that's free! its my fave. as far as i'm aware, that one, the sweet and sour noodle one, the minestrone pasta one, and the chicken and sweetcorn/mushroom noodle one are all free!
  9. Circes

    Circes Strutting her stuff

    You need to look under Manufacturer = Mug Shot and you'll find a list of the syn values. And check out the syn values sub forum where this question comes up regularly :)
  10. funcurls

    funcurls Never gets tired of SW!

    Yes, when you use the syns calculator, make sure you select EE, then select the main free food, then pasta/noodle packets. I know that the 1% fat ones are free, the 2% fat ones are 1/2 syn and the 3% fat ones are 2 syns. Hope this helps, HeatherX
  11. jamstar

    jamstar Member

    Thanks that's great just got in from welsh class and need something hot it's bloomin cold out there.

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