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mug shots

When I do green days they're all I eat!
They're just perfect for taking to work as a quick lunch, and as snacks.
Cheesy ones are deffo my favourite, feel like it should be so much worse for me. And roast chicken. :p
Watch out! Someone very kindly pointed out in my food diary that the cheesy ones are 2 syns on green!

I'm not a massive fan of mugshots to be honest, I'd rather eat fresh food, but if I've been lazy and not made anything for my packed lunch then they are a handy solution :)

Becca Wecca

skinny minny here I come!
I probably have 6ish a week! if I have them for lunch, i'll have 2!

But I do think I need to cut back on them to be honest! They really aren't all that good for you.


Gold Member
Never if I can help it. Too much processed stuff in them for my liking - that said, sadly I do like them!!

I have a chicken one in my desk drawer for absolutely, I have nothing for lunch or I'm starving, emergencies. The cheese one is great but at 2 syns I'd rather not bother!
I try not to have them as I prefer fresh food. I think I have had 3 in my cupboard at home for the past 8wks or so!

It's like those Pasta n Sauces... cannot stand those AT ALL! Bleugh!!


Now to maintain.....
i usually have a few a week.
i prefer fresh food but mushots are dead handy for omg im really starving moments or eeek is it that late i need to eat moments!! lol!!
my hubby eats a few more as he takes them for his lunch in work
I did get some once, as everyone was raving about them. Made one of them up, had a taste, was so disgusted that it went into the bin and the rest of the packets were donated to impoverished student friend!

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