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Muller lites and Dukan... ???

Hi everyone,

I recognise some faces (names!) from the Atkins section earlier this year... I too have found Dukan and loving it (if you know what I mean!!!). I like 'rules' and there are plenty with Dukan :D

Question though... Muller Lites... I've been looking here on the forum and while I know it's been asked before, are they actually allowed? I was in the supermarket yesterday and hovvered over vanilla and toffee... but saw whist being 'zero fat', they have sweetner (okay), but also sugar added... not much, by the looks of things. I think about 6g carbs, but does anyone have the definitive answer?

Cheers and good luck to all of us!
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** Chief WITCH **
Hello grovergirl and welcome to the Dukan forum!

Yes Muller Lites (vanilla and toffee) are fine... to be counted within your 1L dairy allowance on Cruise phase.


** Chief WITCH **
I'm in France so I had never tasted them until recently when my other half popped over for the day... I found them truly horrid (overly sweet and synthetic)! haaaaa! But I did like the BIG pot fulls!!
I didnt buy any last week and I really missed them. I was just having yogurt & sweetener and its just not the same, they are a bit too sweet but they hit the spot lol and yes they are great big pots


** Chief WITCH **
I'm now officially a sugar free jelly addict... (and am waiting IMPATIENTLY for my sister's package, containing £5 worth, to arrive... before I run out, in about four weeks' time! panicking already at the thought!)

I like the fact that a quarter portion of the sugar free jelly is only 10 calories (whereas a French yoghurt is 50, and Muller Lites double that cos of size!)... but that's just me - childishly saving where I can!!
I have some sugar free jelly in the cupboard but I dont want to make it because the kids will want it, and they arent having it, have to wait till they go back to school, mind you I could buy the ready made pots I suppose, I could hide them because they dont need to be refrigerated lol

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