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Mullerlight After Dinner Mint syns

Discussion in 'Syn Values' started by SilverMoon, 5 September 2014 Social URL.

  1. SilverMoon

    SilverMoon Silver Member

    Could someone please tell me if the limited edition Mullerlight After Dinner Mint are syn free, or what the syn value is? All I can find is the syn value for the deluxe after mint one x
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  3. jen3

    jen3 Silver Member

    I've not even seen these - our tescos is rubbish - they sound delicious - I love mint!!!
  4. dirtydancing

    dirtydancing Gold Member

    this is what the pot looks like

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  5. dirtydancing

    dirtydancing Gold Member

    from slimming world website

    [TD="class: ProductRow"]Mullerlight After Dinner Mint , 165g pot [/TD]
    [TD="class: synResultTextStyle"]Free [/TD]
    [TD="class: synResultTextStyle"]Free [/TD]
    [TD="class: synResultTextStyle"]Free [/TD]
  6. SilverMoon

    SilverMoon Silver Member

    Thank you sooooo much. I'm looking forward to trying one 'after dinner' :p x
  7. jen3

    jen3 Silver Member

    Right - I'm off on a hunt!
  8. S_J_B

    S_J_B Gold Member

    Looks fab - none in my Morrisons might have to try the other supermarkets!
  9. L1sa73

    L1sa73 Full Member

    They're on my shopping list :)
  10. S_J_B

    S_J_B Gold Member

    Had one tonight & stuck it in freezer - with a bit of imagination it was mint choc chip ice cream :D
  11. L1sa73

    L1sa73 Full Member

    I do that with most muller lights ;) taken frozen one to cinema before too!!
  12. Loopyleanne

    Loopyleanne Full Member

    Omg I now NEED a mint muller light!!! Lol seriously though.... They look good!
  13. S_J_B

    S_J_B Gold Member

    Genius :D
  14. denise42

    denise42 Silver Member

    Delicious x
  15. lardylady

    lardylady Gold Member

    I found some by chance in my local Co-op while stocking up on the skinny cappucino ones today. I bought 3 and have put one in the freezer for later. Hope it doesn't taste of toothpaste!
  16. Ardzgrly88

    Ardzgrly88 Full Member

    I bought one tonight not knowing the syn value. If it's nice I'll be stocking up :)

    TANYAJANE87 Member

    I love freezing muller lights too. Are muller lights free or need to be syned?
  18. Daisysp8

    Daisysp8 Full Member

    Just had my first one of these tonight ... OMG ... So lush!!! I`ve loved the Vanilla with choc sprinkles and the orange with choc sprinkles for ages ... but this one is simply divine ... I`m a very happy girl :)
  19. S_J_B

    S_J_B Gold Member

    I agree & stocked up in Morrisons on the 10 for £3 deal. Bought a couple of the pina colada to try too but haven;t had one yet!

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